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RCA digs 7, 188 wells to provide drinking water in 15 countries

WAM Abu Dhabi, Sep 08th, 2009 (WAM)--The Red Crescent Authority (RCA) has dug 7, 188 wells in 15 countries at cost over Dh53.8million to provide drinking water in the countries hit by the drought.
The RCA is keen about the well digging projects to provide drinking water in the countries hard hit by the drought and desertification, particularly in Africa. The project received great response from the philanthropists in the UAE.
The wells were dug in 15 countries, of which 504 wells at cost over Dh5.47million were in Somalia, 29 wells in Yemen at cost Dh2.14million, 16 wells in Albania at cost Dh2.13million, 404 wells in Indonesia at cost Dh2.78million, 14 wells in Kazakhstan at cost Dh218, 000, 3012 wells in Afghanistan at cost Dh11million, 841 wells in Ghana at cost Dh6.7million, 79 wells in Sudan at cost Dh2.397million and other countries.
Ahmed Humaid Al Mazrouei, Board Chairman of the RCA, said that the RCA was keen to adopt the initiatives and will of philanthropists in the UAE to implement the charity projects in all countries, particularly the digging of wells to provide drinking water, adding that the lack of water is acute problem in the countries hard hit by the drought.

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