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Experts seek water solutions for Africa

Experts from the Pan African region are converging in Nairobi, under the Chemistry Network (PACN) to discuss and explore ways of coming up with sustainable water development solutions amid an urgent need of improving Africa's water situation.
The three day Conference that begun Wednesday will address a wide range of water-related issues including major challenges including climate change, toxicity of water resources and water contamination.
In his opening speech that was read on his behalf, former Mozambique President Joachim Chissano said an initiative will be set under the sponsorship of a network that will develop links across Africa to help promote science and research across the continent.
"This conference will bring together the very best minds from Africa to assess and develop a sustainable water agenda for the continent. We face serious water related challenges in Africa and now we need to develop the best responses to them as part of the agenda for action," he said.
Permanent Secretary in the ministry of higher education, science and technology Professor Crispus Kiamba attributed the frequent outbreaks of water borne diseases in developing countries such as diarrhea to use of dirty water and lack of basic sanitation and hygiene.
"70 percent of industrial waste water in developing countries is not treated before being discharged into the environment due to unsatisfactory waste disposal methods thus causing pollution and in turn water-borne diseases which are a threat to human health. It's high time we used corrective measures that will improve drinking water sources," he said.
The PACN conference is a partnership between the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Syngenta.
The conference's resolutions will be delivered to the United Nations (UN) on World Water Day 2010.

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