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Australian Specialised Machinery Glass (ASMG) - Non-Genuine Laminated Safety Glass

Australian Specialised Machinery Glass (ASMG) provides superior quality non-genuine laminated safety glass to absolutely any machine – cut to size and fitted on site. We also design, manufacture and install glass to trucks, loaders, excavators, scrapers and more. The glass is fabricated according to each machine’s unique requirements, such as shape, age and existing body impact damage.

ASMG provides superior quality non-genuine laminated safety glass cut to size and fitted on site.

Laminated safety glass

We design, fabricate and install safety glass according to each machine’s unique requirements.
Standard machinery laminated glass is 6.38mm whereas we manufacture 6.76mm to 8.52mm laminated glass. Glass is fitted according to safety requirements for the machine as well as the site.
The fact that we supply after-market glass means that we are able to supply you with an equal (and sometimes superior) quality product, in less time and for less cost than when dealing with genuine products. All glass from 6.76mm laminate to 8.52mm high impact glass can be fabricated either on-site or in our Townsville workshop.
ASMG also supplies windscreens and body glass for all other site vehicles such as cars and utilities. Cabin door seals can also be delivered and installed.

Safety glass for mining machines

Our specialty glass, Fortress Glass®, once installed, will provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce machinery down time as there is less replacement needed due to higher impact resistance
  • Improve operators' comfort as special blends reduce glare and enhance visibility, as well as controlling the cabin temperature
  • Improve safety as Fortress Glass can reduce cab intrusion in the event of impact

Fortress Glass can be from 8.25mm up to 25mm heat strengthened multiple PVB layered glass, depending on your requirements.

Heat reflecting glass

From space shuttle technology, we can supply heat reflecting glass known as XIR® (X-Infra-Red). This heat reflecting glass is available in windscreens and flat laminated glass. Many European car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Renault and Audi incorporate this new technology in their vehicles as standard. XIR offers:

  • Higher occupant safety and comfort through increased resistance to impact and reflection of 99% UV and 94% IR (heat) radiation for increased occupant comfort
  • Higher intrusion resistance compared to standard laminated glass
  • Reduced fading on interiors for increased life of interior surfaces / furnishings, meaning less refurbishment throughout the life of the vehicle and a higher resale value
  • Available in curved or flat sections

XIR blocks out the heat but not the view and causes no loss of visibility. Installed heat reflecting glass increases the cool down rate of a stationary vehicle on start up, as well as offering occupational health and safety benefits due to reduced risk of skin cancers through decreased exposure to sun.

Ultra protective laminated glass

Ultra protective laminated (UPL) glass from ASMG offers the following benefits:
Heat is blocked out but not visibility
Impact and intrusion resistant; exceeds Australian Standards by 300%
Improved resistance to chipping and breaking
Increased occupant safety and comfort by reflecting 99% UV and 94% IR (radiation) while maintaining a minimum 75% LT (light transmittance)
Less down time through reduced replacement requirements
Higher resale value as a result of significant reduction in fading and UV damage to interiors

High impact glass

High impact (HI) glass is also impact and intrusion resistant and exceeds Australian Standards by 300%. It offers improved resistance to chipping and breaking and is a available with XIR for increased occupant safety. Either curved or flat surfaces are available.
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