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Delivery to Ministry of Water and Energy, Ethiopia


In these last two months Fraste has completed with success, and extreme customer satisfaction, an important delivery for the central government of Ethiopia.

It is about a complete supply of 12 water well drilling rigs, of different models, with drilling capacity from 100 mt to 500 mt depth, destined to different Ethiopian regions. Each of these rigs has been provided with mud pump on board, complete with all drilling tools and separate compressor.

As soon as the drilling rigs will be operating at destination, Fraste has already organized an in-depth training on site, with its specialized technicians, including the commissioning of drilling rigs and practical test with the drilling of a complete water well for each drill rig model.

The supply consists of 3 models of rigs, all mounted on truck as follows:

Fraste Multidrill XL mounted on truck 4x4, pull-up capacity 8 ton and mud pump Gardner Denver 5’’x6’’ on board.

Fraste FS 250, mounted on truck 6x4 , pull-up capacity 12 ton and mud pump Gardner Denver 5 ½’’x 8’’ on board.

Fraste FS 400, mounted on truck 6x4, pull-up capacity 25 ton and mud pump Gardner Denver 7 ½’’ x 8’’ on board.

We are sure that the customer and the Ethiopian population will appreciate our drilling rigs as an example high quality machines, complete made in Italy, as well as all of our loyal customers who use Fraste drilling rigs worldwide.

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