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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco compressor supplies quality air with lower energy costs

When the time came for Chemson Pacific to replace its aging Atlas Copco ZR 132 compressor, the company chose a newer, larger ZR 160 compressor with variable speed drive and immediately realized lower energy costs.


Located in Sydney, Australia, Chemson Pacific is part of a multi-national company that makes chemical additives and stabilizers for the PVC industry. Compressed air is used throughout the company’s facility. Pneumatic conveyors move the chemical powders around the plant, from the raw material addition point through to the end product packing.

“The quality of the air is very critical,” explained David Chin, Manufacturing Manager with Chemson Pacific. “We don’t want any oil in our products, and it’s imperative that the air is clean and exceedingly dry at all times.”

For 15 years, Chemson Pacific used an Atlas Copco ZR 132 compressor at its facility and never suffered from any unscheduled downtime. When the time came to replace the unit, Chemson chose a ZR160 VSD FF compressor.

The decision to stay with Atlas Copco was very easy
The ZR 160 VSD FF is a full-feature machine that integrates the dryer and the variable speed drive (VSD) into a compact package that offers high quality air at the lowest cost. The IMT adsorption dryer eliminates moisture before it enters the air net, ensuring a reliable process and an impeccable end product. No external energy is needed to dry the air, which results in additional savings.

The variable speed drive (VSD) feature precisely matches the compressor’s output to the demand for air – continually and automatically. Unload losses are reduced to a minimum, and load/no load transition losses are eliminated. VSD compressors also consume on average 35% less energy than fixed-speed compressors sized for the same application.

“Compressed air is the greater part of Chemson Pacific’s energy costs and even though the machine has only been in service for a couple of months now, the customer is seeing significant energy savings of 10-15%, despite the machine being of larger capacity than the previous model,” said Stephen Climpson, Atlas Copco Sales Engineer.

“Obviously we did our homework on Atlas Copco’s competitors but realized we would be better off staying with a company we know and are happy with,” added David Chin. “Plus the service has been excellent, so the decision to stay with Atlas Copco equipment was very easy.”

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