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The MR Range of DTH Hammers


The Mincon MR range of DTH hammers is designed around proven technology to perform at the top end of the performance scale compared to other tools on the market. These tools are excellent for all types of drilling applications including residential geothermal, production quarry drilling, seismic drilling and construction drilling.

Performance improvements show up to 20% increase in production in both grade control and exploration applications vs. the Mincon MX range. As with all Mincon hammers the tools performed extremely well in deep hole drilling in dry applications and where there is a lot of water in the bore hole. With a variable length available on the chuck sleeve the hammer can be easily set up for either dry or wet hole drilling. Set to become the standard by which RC hammers will be measured, the Mincon MR range of tools get the job done.

Key Features and Bene­fits
• Patented mounting system for ‑xed internal components
• An extremely sturdy shank with a short length allows for greater transfer of energy between the
   piston and bit
• Variable chuck sleeve lengths for varying drilling conditions
• Single piece sample tube assembly
• Specially heat treated sample tubes off­er superior wear resistance vs. our competition
• Variable sample tube bore sizes for the MR120 and MR132 allows the contractor greater flexibility
   in setting up his tool
• Metal sprayed chuck sleeve and wear sleeve options for greater wear resistance on outside
• Ease of service with no special assembly or disassembly tools required

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