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Link multiple generators to meet customized power needs with Kohler’s Mobile Paralleling Box


Line ‘em up and throw the switch. With Kohler Power Systems new Mobile Paralleling Box you can link different size generators together when you need a lot of power but don’t have one big generator.

With four of these Mobile Paralleling Boxes you can hook up to eight Kohler generators of different sizes and different fuel types as long as they have the a Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller providing the paralleling intelligence and network communications.

Contactors connect the bus, eliminating the need for motorized breakers and each contactor is rated at 1,000 amps. The new paralleling system removes the need to size circuit breakers to specific generator output. Color-coded camlocks for input and output feeds simplify setup and maintenance.

The Decision-Maker 3500 digital controller provides system monitoring and diagnostics and a hybrid voltage regulator and software to manage alternator thermal overload protection.

Paralleling functions offer bus sensing for accurate metering and control, “first-on” logic that allows the first generation to reach rated voltage to close the bus, synchronization of other generators’ speed and voltage, external load sharing and load management.

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