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A text book installation


TSPL has 48 years’ experience as a paper converter producing various stationery and paper related products. Since its inception in 1966 it has remained a family owned business and has grown to a company employing 367 people. The organisation is currently under the stewardship of Mr Nilesh Shah, highly respected in the industry with more than 30 years experience. His two sons Jilan and Shukit Shah are also an integral part of the business.

As a result of new plant and equipment being procured, the air requirement increased, hence it was decided by the senior management of TSPL to investigate and explore the options available to them. For many years the factory has relied on CompAir L75 and Rallye 050 compressors and dryers, supported by our exclusive distributor in the territory, Metlex International Ltd (Metlex).

Mr Bakrania, the CEO of Metlex, explained how his company has evolved into the specialist compressed air solution provider in the Country.

‘We are aware that compressed air is an expensive commodity, hence with escalating energy costs, companies are looking to ensure they install the most energy efficient compressors. Focus is switching from cost of investment to cost of ownership.

Following a detailed review of the existing installation we issued a comprehensive report focusing on how we can reduce energy costs. It is essential to know the precise compressed air requirements before proposing a suitable unit. At TSPL we noted the varying demand patterns, hence a regulated speed unit was proposed. The recommended unit was an L110RS along with associated downstream equipment, thus guaranteeing high quality air to sensitive machinery.

The equatorial climate of Kenya results in high humidity and consequently it is essential to ensure that the dryer and filters are carefully sized to remove moisture.

An important element of being solution providers is the capability to install high quality pipework utilising our experienced in-house team. Best practice in design and installation are important factors in terms of energy saving. Finally, when the units are commissioned, there is the peace of mind of a service contract with Metlex. Trained engineers are available around the clock, and spares available from locally held stock.
Truly a text book installation.

At Twiga, we are focused on ensuring that our systems and processes are effective to meet customer requirements. Twiga has been certified with ISO 9001:2008. We have ongoing independent reviews to ensure that we maintain our accreditation.

All our products have been certified and approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards. Further, the Kenya Bureau of Standards has certified Twiga’s products with the diamond mark of quality.

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