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Case Stories

Wassara"s water-powered drilling strengthens Riksbanken


In the late 1600s, Stockholm acquired a magnificent new bank building with the construction of the Bancohuset at Järntorget in Gamla Stan (the Old Town).
However, the building had shifted over the centuries, and the ground needed to be reinforced to prevent the building from collapsing.

A total of 400 holes with casings were to be drilled. Reinforcement piles would then be driven down into them. Pneumatic drilling was not an option, given the sensitive environment. A new low-impact drilling technology was needed to meet the requirements set by the principal, Golder Associates AB.

After the contractor, PEAB, had drilled a number of successful test holes using Wassara technology, water-powered drilling was incorporated in parallel with traditional top-hammer drilling. By the end of the project it was clear that drilling using the Wassara hammer was 2-3 times more efficient than top-hammer drilling.

Hammer              Wassara W100
Bit                       Ring bit
Pump                  WASP
Drilling fluid         Clean water
Drill pipe              1000mmx89mm, pipe thickness 6.3 mm
Rig                       Comacchio, specially adapted by Geomek
Formation            Old wooden piles, old filling material, moraine, clay

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