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Tensor SB battery nutrunner offers quality, mobility and durability


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including heavy duty tasks, the user-friendly Tensor SB from Atlas Copco is an advanced, transducerized industrial battery nutrunner offering high quality tightening.

Once the Tensor SB has been set up, using a Power Focus controller and an RBU (Rapid Backup Unit), the tool operates independently. The operator has complete freedom to move down the line and can work in cramped spaces without being hampered by cords or cables.
High joint quality, low energy costs

The Tensor SB has adjustable torque settings and the transducer ensures superior joint quality. Torque accuracy is ± 5% over six sigma according to ISO 5393. Clear operator feedback is provided by LEDs, which are visible through 360o.

Choosing Tensor SB can reduce energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to using a corresponding air tool. This means less impact on the environment and lower electricity bills.

Powerful battery, durable housing

The Tensor SB’s Atlas Copco Li-Ion battery is powerful, reliable and has no memory effect, which adds up to increased production uptime.

Since many customers require tools for heavy duty tasks, the Tensor SB is equipped with a robust metal housing that will stand up to tough industrial environments and give the tool a long lifetime. The threaded metallic front section simplifies the mounting of special attachments.

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