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Caterpillar Aiding Rural Construction With Superior-Value Equipment


For its users in China, the Cat® mini hydraulic excavator has been an invaluable product in China's rural market.

China's rural construction boom has provided the impetus for the development of the country's small-scale construction industry. Caterpillar has been at the forefront of rural construction, providing quality equipment and comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique features of China's rural market. But it's not just about selling high-quality equipment—Caterpillar is also helping customers to succeed in the countryside. One machine in particular-the Cat® mini hydraulic excavator-is helping to transform the landscape of China's rural areas, helping communities develop and generate wealth by providing them with superior efficiency, value and service.

Customer, Mao Shoujun from Pengdun in Hubei province, used Cat to construct a lake for his fish farm, saving him a great deal of time and money. "In the past, it would have taken at least half a month and a whole team of workers to complete the project. Now, by using Cat equipment, we can complete it with just one operator in less than two days."

For customers in China, the high quality and easy maintenance of Cat machines are enabling even more people to help with construction of their hometowns.

"Thanks to the great durability, reliability and quality of Cat machines, I had the opportunity to work on more construction projects, including land transformation, canal digging and road repairing," said Cheng Zhengjia, a customer from Dawang Village in Hubei province. "No matter how hard the project is, I can accomplish it efficiently and to a high level of quality."

Rural construction is not only changing the landscape in the countryside, but also creating unprecedented opportunities for rural residents to increase their incomes. Based on efficiency, value and service, Caterpillar is expanding in China's rural market and helping even more people fulfill their dreams of a brighter future.

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