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Robit Rocktools - Rock and Ground Drilling Tools


Robit provides rock and ground drilling tools manufactured to the highest standards for use all over the world.

Since 1985 Robit Rocktools has been on the front line of the drilling business providing high quality rock and ground drilling tools for mines, quarries, and construction sites around the world.
Having its roots in the Finnish mining industry, Robit is a master of drilling in the most challenging rock types. Even so, the company continues its drive to utilize the experience of the end users to develop even better products using the best materials and high precision manufacturing processes.
A global dealer network guarantees that even the smallest countries receive the best customer service available. More holes at a better value for the customer has always been the driving force of Robit Rocktools.

Hard rock drilling tools

Robit Rocktools develops high-quality drill bits for professionals worldwide. Robit exports its products to more than 60 countries, and exports more than 90% of its products. Mining, quarrying and construction customers drive the company's strategy.
Robit white bits are well-known to mining and construction customers all over the world. Robit’s focus on continuous development means the company can secure the latest technical solutions for the most demanding rock conditions and for the most powerful rock drills.
With top quality Scandinavian steel for its products, and proven homogenous tungsten carbide for its buttons, Robit lays the foundation for an exceptional standard of finished drill bits.

New HT button bits and consumables

Robit button bits cover all the mining, quarrying, and construction applications from drifting and tunnelling to bench and production drilling.
Robit rock drilling tools cover all mining, quarrying, and construction applications from drifting and tunnelling to bench and production drilling. Button bits form the core of the Robit rock drilling tools. With new design and features, the new HT series Robit button bits are even better equipped to meet the challenges of modern drilling rigs.
The Robit HT series is available in all sizes for all threads and all different rock formations.

Ground drilling tools - Robit casing systems

Robit casing systems that consist of a pilot bit and ring assembly are the key components of our ground drilling tools product line. The patented locking system and robust design for concentric drilling enables easy and reliable use of the product in various ground formations.
The Robit casing system is available for top hammer and DTH equipment. There are models for single-use systems where the casing is left in the ground and for multi-use systems where the casing is recovered.

Casing systems for tunnel roof strengthening

Forepoling, also known as tube umbrella drilling, is an application to strengthen tunnel roofs in overburden or broken rock conditions.
Robit has carefully developed its casing system without compromises to exceed the expectations of the drillers. The Robit casing system is worldwide famous and appreciated for the following features:

  • Fast drilling
  • Reliable robust system
  • High penetration capabilities in all kind of rock / ground conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic locking, unlocking and relocking of the pilots and the rings

In addition to those exceptional technical features, Robit is highly committed to its customers to secure continuous deliveries to job sites anywhere in the world.
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Robit Rocktools Ltd
Vikkiniityntie 9
Contact: Mr Veikko Kuosa
Contact: Mr Veikko Kuosa
Tel: 00358 40 7375332
Tel: 00358 40 7375332

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