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New Cat® Terrain Expands, Simplifies and Improves Management Of Mine Drilling, Dragline, Grading and Loading Operations  

New Cat® Terrain Expands, Simplifies and Improves Management Of Mine Drilling, Dragline, Grading and Loading Operations

Terrain is the first capability set in the all new Cat® MineStar™ System technology suite and is designed with improved features and functionality as well as increased scalability. Terrain is a direct replacement for the Computer Aided Earthmoving System (CAES) and AQUILA™ Drill and AQUILA Dragline products. Terrain builds on the proven capabilities of those products to boost mine site productivity and efficiency while simultaneously enhancing safety.

“Since 2007 when the Cat mining technology products CAES and AQUILA have been our recommended standard at mine sites around the world, they have provided significant production improvements,” says Daniel Adams, Sr. Advisor Rio Tinto.  “The new Terrain product is much faster and easier to use, improving the mine’s ability to utilize advanced features while decrease engineer support work required.” 

Terrain is a capability set within Cat MineStar System, a broad suite of integrated mine operations and mobile equipment management technologies configurable to suit any mining operation. Terrain is the first of a number of capability sets that Caterpillar will roll out this year and next. Like Terrain, many of these capability sets are based on existing Cat mining technologies, but the new sets offer additional features and better scalability. Mines will be able to integrate products, processes and people like never before.

New features in the office
In the office, Terrain delivers the means to manage drilling, dragline, grading and loading activities—using a single computer application. All machines using precision Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) tracking and guidance can be managed within Terrain. Managers and engineers don’t have to switch applications to get a full picture of what’s happening at the mine, which speeds work and problem solving.

The modern web-based user interface makes file management easier and reduces the number of steps required to send design files. And the office software is scalable through licensable capability packages.

The Productivity package enables the mine to track and analyze machine utilization and productivity by machine type and operator. The Position & Material capability package allows machines to share position and job status information both on-board and in the office. Data Share allows Terrain to share information with other applications such as competitive fleet management systems, data reporting systems, and position monitoring systems via an industry standard interface. And Multi-Site allows for management of multiple Terrain-equipped sites from a single control center.

New features on-board
Terrain has many new capabilities that enhance operator efficiency, productivity and safety.  For example, the position of other GNSS equipped machines now can be viewed on any in-cab display, enabling the operator to avoid maneuvers that could create hazards or slow other machines.

Terrain for drilling includes hole-to-hole updates that provide blasthole drill operators with real-time status of other holes being drilled in the same pattern. The information enables each drill operator to plan appropriate drill moves and to avoid duplicating efforts.

Terrain shares current elevation data from dragline cuts with dozers and other grading machines working near the dragline. The result is more accurate dozer work and higher productivity.

Terrain can assign job tasks to grading and loading machines, based on their location, and can manage completion of those tasks via the optional Productivity capability package and the Task List Manager application. The process can unburden the manager, empower the machine operator and boost production.

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