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GETECH – DTHR 450 Model, Hydraulically Operated Truck Mounted Top drive DTH cum ROTARY Drilling Rig, Designed to handle Air/Water Drilling application. This Rig is capable of Drilling in different formations such as Hard Rock by DTH, Unconsolidated / alluvial formations using Mud Rotary method up to a depth of 450 meters (1350 Ft.) under favorable Drilling Conditions. The following are the detailed specifications.
DTH Drilling:  
Drill hole Diameter 8” (203)  Inches (mm)
Max. Drilling Depth 1440 (450) Feet. (Mt.)
Over Burden Drilling                                                    12” (305) (mm)
Drill rod Diameter 12” (305) (mm)
Drill rod Length 4.5 (114.3) Inches (mm)
  15 (4.5) Feet (Mt)

ROTARY Drilling

Drill hole Diameter 12 ¼” (311) Inches (mm)
Max. Drilling Depth 1440 (450) Feet. (Mt.)
Max. Reaming Diameter (In steps) 12 ¼” (305) Inches (mm)


Sturdy structural RHS Tubular Mast of  Electrically welded construction, main members made out of heavy duty sq.80 seamless steel tubes reinforced with suitable cross members made out of heavy-duty sq.65 seamless tubes, So that it is strong enough to withstand the high drilling loads. Mast shall be raised and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders with safety check valve, operated from driller’s platform. Mast shall have clear working space and height to handle the drill string.

Mast length                                    -                       10000     mm               393.7      Inch

Raising & Lowering                       -                       With two Hydraulic cylinder

Rotary Head travel                         -                       7000       mm               275.5      Inch

Centraliser opening                        -                       406         mm               16           Inch

Hook Load Capacity                          -                     50           Tons



Heavy duty twin Hydraulic motor, Spur gear driven with ratio of 1:3 reduction, the gears have capacity to with stand high compressive stress and tooth to be ground to a quality of 4, oil bath type. The gearbox has combination of taper roller and ball bearings to withstand high impact and sudden shock loads. Top head rotation unit having infinitely variable speed (0 to 100 RPM) will be provided. This unit travels on the Mast and is of sturdy construction to absorb sudden shock loads generally encountered during Drilling Operations.
Max. Speed                                    -                       0 - 100    RPM
Max. Torque                                  -                       600         Kg.f-m
Drive Motor model                        -                        OMT - 315
Motor Quantity                              -                       2             No.’s

Top head rotation unit is provided with saver sub to protect spindle and drill pipe threads from damages. Mud swivel has high-pressure seals and ball bearings to with stand high pressure and for smooth running.  


Feed system is provided with adequate travel for handling drill pipes and Casing pipes up to 6 meters long.  A suitable hydraulic cylinder with chain and sprocket/wire rope and pulley arrangement actuates the feed and hoist. The feed system has the following capabilities:
Feed cylinder size              -                  Ø125 x Ø100 x 2350 mm
Pull back/up Capacity         -                 19,000 Kgf
Pull down Capacity            -                  9,500 Kgf
Max. Pull back/up Speed    -                 32 mt. /min.
Hydraulic Cylinder Qty.       -                 02 No.’s

The Feed system will be incorporated with Hold back arrangement to control and limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to suit the variable ground conditions.


The hydraulic system is designed for fuel efficient and high productive capacity. All hydraulic elements like Pumps, Motors, Valves, Suction filter, Return line filter and cylinders shall be of adequate capacities and of reputed makes.


Variable displacement Piston pump with Proportional valves are used for Rotation and Feed (Fast and micro feed), mud pump and divert valves are used for auxiliary drives like mast raising, rig leveling, Break-out wrench, Hydraulic oil cooler etc.,

All hoses shall withstand to High pressure and high temperature. The hydraulic oil shall be filtered during Suction and Return lines.

Max. Operating pressure                -                       220                  kg/cm2
Hydraulic Tank capacity                -                       800                  Lt.
Filtration (Nom.) – Return line       -                       10/25               microns
Hydraulic Oil Cooler                     -                       Fin type Oil to Air


The entire Rig is designed to operate at high temperature encountered in the normal weather conditions and is robust and extremely rugged.

Deck engine with suitable P.T.O arrangement shall be used to power the entire hydraulic system.
Power                                                  -                       260 PS @ 2200 rpm.
Make                                                   -                       Ashok Leyland or equivalent reputed make.


The drill rig will be provided with hydraulically operated triplex water Injection plunger pump, for injecting water/ foam with necessary piping and flow control valve.
Max. Flow                                     -                       80           lpm
Max. Pressure                                -                       40           kg/cm2

System consists of four hydraulic leveling jacks with ‘Reverse flow restricted valves to ensure safe operation. Two numbers are at rear of the rig controlled by two separate valves and two jacks at the front of the rig controlled by a single valve.
Cylinder bore diameter                  -                       125         mm               4.9 Inch
Stroke                                            -                       610         mm               24 Inch
No. of Jacks                                  -                       4             No.


The Drill Rig is equipped with hydraulic breakout wrench for tightening and loosening of drill pipes and the hammer.
Cylinder bore diameter                  -                       80           mm               3.1 Inch
Stroke                                            -                       300         mm               12 Inch

Hydraulically driven Duplex, double acting reciprocating 8” x 6” - model Mud Pump will be supplied with the drill rig. This mud pump is suitable for handling clear water, drilling mud and bentonite solutions.
Bore (Liner)                                         -                       150      mm                  6          Inches
Stroke                                                  -                       200      mm                  8          Inches
Max. Flow                                           -                       1361    lpm
Max. Pressure                                      -                       20.74   Kg/cm²           

Hydraulically operated auxiliary winch is mounted on mast to handle the casing pipes, drill pipes and other handling tools. This is associated with the Single Rod Changer in case of drill pipes handling.
Bare Drum - pull                            -                       800         kgf.
Max. Speed                                    -                       40           m/min

Manually operated single rod changer shall be provided for changing the drill rods/pipes.

Welding  generator with a capacity of 400 amps at 60% duty cycle. The welding Generator is coupled with a hydraulic motor to maintain uniform output current even at varying load requirements.

Maken                                           -                       Swaraj. / Equivalent

Drive                                             -                       Hydraulic

All necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience. 

Air Compressor shall be mounted on a Separate Suitable Truck with separate Hydraulic package / side P.T.O arrangement as required and Four Ø100 Bore stabilizers.

Capacity                            -           1200 CFM x 300 PSI
Make                                 -           ELGI

Capacity                                  -           1200 CFM @ 300 PSI



  • 1.   In view of continuous R & D and Product Improvement programme all specifications, features
          etc., are subject to amendments without prior notice.
  • 2.   GETech Drilling Rigs can be supplied in custom-built models in various Configurations, Mounting       features to suit all special requirements and Technical specifications can be offered accordingly.

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