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Company Profile Fraste

Fraste was established in Verona, Italy, in 1964 by current president Benito Fracca. The company, which specialises in the manufacture of rotary drilling rigs, helped to introduce hydraulic systems to a market, which, at the time, was still considered traditional and mainly used mechanical transmission systems.

More than 45 years later, Fraste holds a strong position in the international drilling market. Its dealer network supplies companies in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia. Fraste is now focusing on expanding into the Middle and Far East.
Drill rigs

Fraste produces a range of rigs for water well, geothermal, foundation, soil and mineral exploration applications.

These machines are designed using a modular system for easy set-up and maintenance, and are available with a selection of drill-string components and accessories to meet the client’s requirements. Customised one-off units can also be built on request.

The company manufactures three standard drill rig lines, which can be used for reverse circulation, DTH, dual rotary head, core and auger drilling. These are:

• FS;


• MITO. Each of these lines contains several models, which offer a large choice of pulling capacities, torques and rotation speeds.

The FS series includes rigs with up to 3,000kg/m torque and 60t pulling capacity. MULTIDRILL offers seven models with up to 1,500kg/m torque and 8t pulling capacity. The MITO series is specifically designed for foundation drilling, and combines up to 1,500kg/m torque and 6t pulling capacity with the ability to drill at an angle.
The team

Fraste’s headquarters in Nogara houses the company’s most precious asset – its staff. The purpose-built office covers an area of 15,000m2, and is home to Fraste’s technical and commercial teams.

Along with the international distributor network that supplies Fraste rigs worldwide, the commercial team provides support to customers, both before and after sales. Testing, start-up and in-field demonstration areas are available for training, and to help clients get the most from their purchases.

The technical services department can service and rebuild rigs on site, and technicians are also available to help troubleshoot problems that may arise during projects. A well-stocked consumables and components store enables Fraste to provide a fast spare-parts delivery service.

Research and development also takes place at the Nogara HQ, with the aim of improving drilling efficiency, while keeping safety standards high and environmental impact to a minimum.
Courtesy Geo Drilling International
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