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Caterpillar Global Petroleum Engines to Power Transco Expansion projects in Southeast United State

Williams Partners Select G3616, G16CM34 engines for expansion projects

Caterpillar Global Petroleum Engines to Power Transco Expansion projects in Southeast United States

Houston, Texas – Williams Partners, L.P. recently selected two Cat® G3616 gas petroleum engines and a G16CM34 gas compression engine to power two expansions of its Transco natural gas pipeline system. Over the past year, Transco has actively increased the transportation capacity of its Mobile Bay Lateral by 633,500 Dth/d from Station 85 to Coden, Alabama in two projects. The V-16, four stroke G3616 engines will each provide the pipeline system with 4735 bhp (3531 bkW) @ 1000 rpm and the V-16, four stroke G16CM will provide 8180 bhp (6100 bkW) @ 750 rpm. Combined together, the Cat engines will provide over 17,000 bhp to the expanded pipeline system. All three engines were packaged by Enerflex and have been commissioned for service.

“The constant horsepower from 0 to 100 degrees F (ambient temperature) and constant torque - variable speed capability of the engines are what really differentiates the Caterpillar power solutions and makes them ideal for this particular application,” said Wayne Longer, Caterpillar Global Petroleum Senior Account Manager. “Transco will have enhanced flexibility to vary the amount gas being moved and maximize efficiency as a result of selecting Cat engines and we’re pleased to supply them with reliable horsepower for the expansion projects.”

Added Glenn Koch, Williams Pipeline Project Engineering Manager, “For these projects, it was imperative we select power solutions with the ability to perform efficiently over a wide range of operating conditions. Fuel consumption rates, low emissions rates and value were also key consideration factors in our decision to select Cat engines as the drivers for our compression packages.”

A well-established industry driver, the G3616 is a continuous, lean burn engine with an operating range of 1000 – 800 rpm. The efficiency and technology enables the engine to achieve longer intervals between overhauls, up to 40,000 hours, as well as stellar fuel consumption. The G16CM34 is a spark-ignited, turbocharged and after-cooled engine providing low emissions, high efficiency, constant torque and variable speed. With an operating range of 750 – 450 rpm, the lean burn engine achieves high efficiency and low emissions by utilizing solenoid-operated admission valves, enriched pre-chamber design and Caterpillar ADEM™ A3 control technology. 

“The GCM engine has a 44% thermal efficiency and provides a notably smooth operation in addition to the great fuel consumption,” noted Caterpillar Motoren Product Manager Scott Young. “The GCM engine provides great power, performance and value to any installation site.”

In addition to the reliable horsepower the Cat engines will provide the pipeline expansions, Transco will also receive legendary product support and service from the Cat Dealer network. Cat Dealer Louisiana Machinery is the regional service provider for the G16CM34 engine and Thompson Cat is the Cat Dealer with responsibility for the G3616 engines. Both dealers will provide stellar maintenance and support capabilities at the site in Alabama.

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About Caterpillar Global Petroleum
Caterpillar Global Petroleum, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States, groups all the sales and service activities for Cat and MaK petroleum power solutions within Caterpillar Inc. Since the 1930s, Caterpillar has manufactured engines for the oilfield and today provides premier power solutions with outputs from 31 to 16,000 kW.  The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in the drilling, production, well service and gas compression segments.

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