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Cat® 3500 Series Marine Emissions Kits Certified by the EP

Cat 3500 Series Marine Emissions Kits Certified by the EPA

Caterpillar Marine Power Systems and Caterpillar Emissions Solutions are pleased to announce that the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified Cat® 3500 Series Marine Emissions Kits according to EPA Rule 40 CFR Part 1042. This Marine Remanufacture Program applies to many commercial engines flagged or registered in the United States, and the requirements include a 25 percent particulate matter reduction at overhaul. By replacing the mechanical unit injector (MUI) system and other associated components on the engine, the upgrade kits offer vessel owners an in-hull solution that exceeds the requirements, and offers operational benefits.

“Leveraging technology has always been a goal of Caterpillar in both meeting customer expectations, but also in positively contributing to our environment.  Caterpillar is committed to providing our marine customers with innovative solutions to meet increasingly challenging emissions regulations around the globe,” said P. Jaime Tetrault, Product Support Director for Caterpillar Marine Power Systems. “Helping our customers deliver superior results while operating in a sustainable manner is of paramount importance to Caterpillar Marine Power Systems and we will continue to drive balanced product support and service solutions to the marine market.”

Offering sustainable solutions to customers and the market at large is a driving force within the Caterpillar enterprise. Caterpillar is powering change by leveraging technology and innovation to increase efficiency and productivity with less impact on the environment and helping our customers do the same – enabling their businesses to become more productive by providing products, services and solutions that use resources more efficiently.

In the 2010 Sustainability Report  Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman noted, “It’s not every day you get to be part of something truly game changing and life altering. However, I would make the argument that Caterpillar people do just that every day. The world’s population is growing. The demand for energy is increasing, and progress and development will continue. And as exciting as that progress is, it certainly creates some challenges. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to be a part of meeting those challenges.”

Reducing emissions is a key imperative within the Caterpillar sustainability strategy and the 3500 Emissions Upgrade Kits are an example of aligning sustainability with innovation to help our customers. Aside from the compliance and environmental benefits, an upgrade from a mechanical to an electronic EPA Tier 1 or Tier 2 configured engine can also result in numerous operational improvements. These benefits include improved diagnostic and display capabilities as well as smoother overall operation. As confirmed by multiple customers, an upgrade solution during the overhaul can result in lower vibration and noise levels, and a significant fuel savings. A lesser known advantage of electronic fuel injection engines is that they offer superior brake specific fuel consumption in the midrange versus a traditional mechanical fuel injection engine.  “In many cases, we observe that our customers operate a significant percentage of their time below the rated power and speed, meaning that this upgrade kit will translate into both emissions reduction and operating cost savings over time,” Tetrault noted.

 In some areas of the marine operating environment, state and national regulations prevent, or add surcharges to vessels which are not in compliance with the latest regulations.  “Caterpillar believes the engine upgrade kits are the most beneficial technology to assist customers in complying with emissions regulations,” noted Terry Sears, Caterpillar Emissions Solutions Product Manager. “In addition to complying with the marine remanufacture program regulations, the ease of installation provides another win for customers. The entire upgrade can be accomplished in hull without major modifications to the design or structure of the vessel.”

Emissions upgrade kits for Cat 3500 Series marine propulsion engines are currently available for order from Caterpillar. The kits are also available internationally for customers but compliance will depend on local acceptance. Customers should contact their local Cat Dealer to determine applicability based on existing engine serial number and operation profile. To watch customer testimonials on the 3500 Emissions Upgrades kits, please visit YouTube.

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About Caterpillar Marine Power Systems
Caterpillar Marine Power Systems, with headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, manages the marketing and service activities for Cat and MaK marine engines within Caterpillar Inc. The organization provides premier power solutions in the medium- and high-speed segments with outputs from 93 to 16,000 kW in main propulsion and 10 to 7,680 kWe in marine generator sets. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in ocean-going, commercial marine and pleasure craft wherever they are. More information is available at

About Caterpillar Emissions Solutions
Caterpillar Emissions Solutions provides engine emissions reduction and performance enhancing solutions while maintaining a solid focus on our customers’ ever changing exhaust emissions compliance requirements, sustainability goals and life cycle costs. Caterpillar Emissions Solutions offers a wide range engine upgrades, repowers and aftertreatment products for a broad variety of applications. More information is available at:

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