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At the core of drilling

At the core of drilling

BOART Longyear has been a leading drilling services and products provider for the minerals industry for over 120 years. With more than 7,000 employees, the company conducts contract drilling in more than 40 countries, and provides mining products in over 100 countries.

As a globally integrated company, Boart Longyear utilises its extensive drilling-services organisation to field-test the products that it manufactures, and it is active in more than 36 locations in North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa, Boart Longyear Drilling Services is the global leader for minerals exploration, and has a substantial presence in environmental and energy drilling services as well.

Boart Longyear is also the leading surface and underground products provider for the global drilling industry, manufacturing both capital equipment (surface and underground exploration rigs, and multipurpose rigs for environmental and infrastructure drilling) and consumables (diamond bits, drill rods and wireline core extraction systems) and leads the industry in developing technology that enables safer and more productive drilling.

With many years of experience, and a world-class team of engineers, Boart Longyear has developed and introduced some of the most advanced drilling technology on the market.

A history of innovation
A history of innovation

In 1958, Boart Longyear introduced the revolutionary wireline core-retrieval system.
Prior to the introduction of wireline technology, drill crews were required to pull an entire rod string out of the ground to gain access to the conventional core barrel located behind a drill bit.

With this new technology, drill crews were able to access core samples deep in the ground more safely and efficiently than before. The Boart Longyear engineering team continued to refine the initial system, resulting in the introduction of the patented Q wireline system in 1966, which is the industry-standard to this day.
Boart Longyear continues to introduce innovative technology into the drilling industry. In 2008, the company launched the world’s first hands-free, remotely operated rod-management system. This system eliminates human contact with drill rods, significantly reducing the risk of injury on job sites.

A large percentage of site injuries in the drilling industry are the result of manual rod-handling. With this in mind, Boart Longyear is now offering rod-handling systems on several of its rigs, including the SC11.

Rig technology
In early 2010, Boart Longyear introduced the flyable SC11 surface coring drill. It is the only flyable rig in its class to offer large-diameter PQ drilling capabilities. It includes a rod-handler option that incorporates a laser safety barrier designed to shut the rig down if the safe-operating zone is obstructed.

With enough power to surpass the 1,300m NQ mark, this drill brings together some of Boart Longyear’s most successful surface and underground drill technology to date. The SC11 rig is heli-portable and consists of nine easy-to-manage, flyable modules. Lifting points are clearly marked and placed to provide a balanced load, while quick-connect hydraulic couplings ensure fast setup and breakdown.

The cutting edge
Boart Longyear consumables have been equally innovative. Designed to yield deeper penetration and reduce rod tripping, the new Surface Set XP bits can last up to three times longer than conventional surface set bits and eliminate the need to utilise alternative bits in inconsistent ground formations.

The crown features multiple layers of synthetic stones that are held in place with a patented Ultramatrix as the bit cuts.

Hard seams in the ground often destroy traditional surface set bits, forcing operators
to pull the rod string out and change bits if ground formations vary as it cuts deeper.

Boart Longyear Surface Set XP bits provide a ‘push-through’ capability in hard seams, preventing unnecessary rod trips and enabling drillers to keep their rod in the ground longer, reducing non-productive downtime on job sites.

Boart Longyear’s latest innovation in bit technology is the Stage diamond coring bit, which is available in both 16mm and 25mm crown configurations for increased bit life and better penetration in broken, abrasive ground.
Designed to outperform traditional bits in varied ground conditions, recent upgrades to this innovative line of bits include a Twin-Taper window design that tapers inward to create more material on the window’s inner diameter, increasing material strength and product life.

In addition, the tapered windows create high fluid velocity in the inner diameter, resulting in more efficient flushing of fluids, cuttings and debris in broken ground.

Technology that improves safety and productivity is essential to the drilling industry, and Boart Longyear continues to respond to the needs of the marketplace.
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