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About Wassara


Wassara AB is a sales and development company. With its patented water powered hammer,Wassara AB creates total solutions that lead the market in water-powered drilling. Wassara AB creates drilling solutions for the construction and mining markets.

Wassara was founded in 1988 and is owned by the Swedish mining company LKAB. The company was founded under the name of G-Drill and changed name to Wassara in 2002. Extensive access to technical know-how and experience at Wassara and our owners are combined with a successfully driven co-operation network. Owners, customers and drilling companies throughout the world together with Wassara engineers and specialists form a winning concept for more efficient drilling.

Our system offerings

Wassara AB has created complete drilling systems for different applications in the mining and construction industry. They are composed of  hammers, drill bits and casing advancing equipment, drill tubes, check valves, swivels and high-pressure pump . The systems are designed to be easy to use with your existing drilling rigs. Relatively minor modifications to your drilling equipment are necessary in order to take advantage of the many benefits of the system.

Our Unique Product the Wassara-hammer

The heart of the Wassara Drilling System is the Wassara Hammer. This worldwide patent, using water as its power source, drills in a rapid, economical and environmentally friendly manner. The Wassara Hammer has a stabilized piston case. This enables straight drilling with superior precision.

Clear Clean Quality

Effective product development, precision in manufacturing and strict quality control characterizes the daily work at Wassara AB. We work closely with you, which guarantees constant, excellent service and support. In addition, we are always cautious about our impact on nature, safeguarding a conscientious, long-term environmental perspective. In other words, clear, clean quality.

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