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Liebherr rigs smooth Swiss tunnelling with pile-wall job

Marti Tunnelbau has completed a secant pile wall for slope and foundation pit reinforcement at the A16 road construction project in Courrendlin, Switzerland.

The 3.3km-long ‘Tunnel de Choindez’ is being built between the Canton and eastern Delémont border. It is due to open in 2016.

The project stipulated the use of 20,000m of piles to form a secant drilled-pile wall. Over 1,020 piles were required for this, each measuring between 13 and 26m long with a diameter of 1m. The soil on site consisted of sandstone and marl layers.

Marti Tunnelbau selected two Liebherr LB series rotary drill rigs to undertake the work: an LB 28 and LB‹36. The LB 28 features 286kNm rotary drive while the LB 36 features a 366kNm rotary drive. Both units are designed for drilling boreholes up to 3m in diameter and 70m deep.

The work ran smoothly and Marti Tunnelbau was able to complete the secant pile wall within the specified nine-month time frame.

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