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Explosion kills up to 14 in Mexico

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A Mexican coal mine, where up to 14 miners were killed this week following an explosion, had been operating without meeting the required regulations, according to the country’s Labour Minister.

Javier Lozano said the explosion (caused by methane gas) occurred in an area of the San Juan de Sabinas mine that only started production three weeks ago. He added that this section was operating without government licenses and proper registration.

Rescuers have retrieved the bodies of five of the miners, and are still searching for the remaining men at Compania Minera Binsa's site in the north of Mexico.

Mr Lozano said (on May 4) that hope of finding survivors was “practically nil”. The miners, who make
up more than half of the workforce on-site, were down a 60m shaft when the explosion happened on
May 3.

A boy working on the surface was also injured in the explosion as he separated coal from tailings. His employment was also an apparent violation of labour laws, Mr Lozano said.


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