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Compact, Silent and Fast
Elgi DT 175-100 with Deutz engin

Compact, Silent and Fast

The new 175 diesel powered trolley mounted series of high-speed screw air compressors has been designed to reduce operating costs, particularly in the construction sector. With a weight less than 950 kg, the unit is compact. The compact size makes for easy management of the compressor by the operator as it is moved from site to site. The compressor comes in a sound-proof enclosure: it has a low noise level of 70 dbA at 7 metres, in compliance with the  ISO 3744 standard.

Powered by a compliant high-speed Deutz three-cylinder diesel engine, the compressors meet the latest exhaust emission standards (TierII). They have the best fuel consumption in their class, allowing excellent fuel economy. The unit is fitted with a high-speed (100 kilometres per hour) trolley that meets international towing requirements. The design features an FRP diesel tank for ease of handling. All replaceable parts are conveniently grouped and sited within easy reach, ensuring reduced maintenance times.

The CE-marked compressors, backed by an international warranty, are designed for heavy duty work such as demolition tools (rock drills, breakers, chipping hammers etc.)   in construction environments and for sandblasting . High altitudes and extremely high and low ambient temperatures do not pose problems. The compressors are rated to provide an actual free air delivery of 175 cfm at 100 psig. Ensuring safety in transit, the compressor is fitted with height adjustable tow bar with speed brakes for overspeed protection and safe towing. Towing lights and reflectors are provided for road safety requirements in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Act .

The need of today is to generate more & more energy by utilizing renewable sources. Wind power is one of the significant source among these. Big firms have entered into manufacturing of these wind mills. Metals are the MOC of these wind mills and their different parts. So, corrosion is the must followed factor behind these metal parts.

Hot dip galvanizing & then painting are the older practices used by wind mill manufacturers for combating against corrosion. But due to process limitation of hot dip galvanizing & paint peeling off during assembling these parts initiated surface engineering research organizations to look for the other means.

Thermal spray coating has found as the most suitable process to apply on these wind mills and its parts, as it is availed with following benefits -

1.  Equipments are portable so both on-site and in-shop services are possible.
2.  No chemical treatment involved, so no environmental hazard.
3.  Coated component can readily used just after coating process completed.
4.  Geometry of the component is no limitation. 0
5.  Material selection choice is available, i.e. Zinc, Aluminium or Zn-Al alloys.
6.  Thickness of coating can be varied from 20 microns to 1 mm
7.  Economical in terms of long lasting protection.
8.  Does not involve too many steps, only blasting is done for suface preparation and then
9.  coating can be applied immediately.
10. No harm if any paint or sealant is applied as post treatment.
THERMAL SPRAY COATING ON VARIOUS COMPONENTS Metallizing equipment co. Pvt. Ltd. Is the leading manufacturer of thermal spray coating
equipments in India since 1967. We have served various manufacturers in this industry with our value added products & services.

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