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Bumper offering from Boart

Boart Longyear announced seven new drilling products at the annual International Convention and Trade Show of Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), which was held in Toronto, Canada, in March.

The products included a new underground-head assembly, which features a patented Roller Latch to provide greater pump-in speed.

The assembly uses ball bearings for latching and hold-back braking, in order to retain the inner-tube assemblies in the drill string and improve safety.

Roller Latches deploy and retract in a radial fashion, and fit tightly on to the outer tube, eliminating excessive wear on the couplings, landing shoulder and landing ring.

Boart also introduced the Ultramatrix line of diamond coring bits. Their patented design is engineered to drill faster and last longer in a range of drilling conditions and formations.

The Robust Standard Thread (RST) series of percussive rods and bits offers increased strength and penetration rates.

The RST design incorporates a larger rod cross-sectional transition area, as well as an increased bit skirt length. This delivers greater impact efficiency for faster penetration, increased rod tip-off resistance and reduced hole deviation.

The Lightning Rod series provides a quick-change male/female rod, designed for high durability and air flushing. The product is aimed at the surface rock drill and blast market.

The rods utilise high-strength steel to increase wear resistance during the drilling process and coupling.

The RC6 reverse-circulation drill features a safety cage to protect operators from the drill string, low-speed and low-torque rotation settings for safe rod management, and steel crawlers for stability on uneven formations.

The rig can also be configured to perform small-diameter rotary, core drilling and DTH drilling. With an aim to improving operator safety, Boart also launched the Longyear Rod Lifter and Split Tube Loader.

The Lifter is engineered to protect driller’s hands during rod handling, while the Loader prevents the type of hand lacerations that can occur due to sharp edges on split tubes and outer casings.

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