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Bauer open house preview

Bauer Maschinen has invited its customers and partners to an In- House Exhibition at the start of May at its head office in Schrobenhausen, Upper Bavaria, Germany. The company will showcase its latest developments in foundation machinery and equipment.

The MC 96 specialist foundation crane will be on show. This bridges the MC 64-MC 128 gap.

The low-headroom version of the BG 24 rotary drilling rig will also be displayed. Its short mast enables the machine to operate at sites with very restricted headroom.

A challenges for Bauer’s new generation of foundation equipment is compliance with Tier 4 engine emissions standards. The first machines featuring Tier 4-compliant diesel engines will be on show.

RTG Rammtechnik, a Bauer subsidiary, will present several of its small-diameter drilling rigs. Klemm Bohrtechnik will show a group of anchor drilling rigs, including the newly developed anchor drill 909-1 designed for all standard anchor drilling applications. Other equipment on show will include a well boring rig by Prakla, and mixing and separation plant systems by MAT Mischanlanlagentechnik.

As well as the small equip ment exhibition, there will be an open-air exhibition, a big attraction at past events. A series of live demonstrations will take place each day.

This year’s focus will be the Central Development and Design Services division, responsible for Bauer’s measuring and recording systems. Bauer’s largest rotary drill rig, the BG 50, will be used to demonstrate depth measurements based on newly developed operating modes for the B-Tronic system for drilling with a telescopic kelly bar.

Another demo will explain the process of setting up a vibratory piling rig over individual pile positions. Bauer’s GPS-aided system precision will be shown by covering the front window of the operator cab, making it impossible for the operator to see the pile positions.

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