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Conexpo cache from Atlas Copco

conexpo cache from atles copco

Atlas Copco launched a myriad of new construction drilling products at Conexpo in March

Unigrout Smart A

The Dosac control system enables on-site mixing of grout to match the conditions dictated by the formation and project. The Logac system samples and stores information on flow, volume, pressure and pumping time from up to four lines simultaneously.
The Unigrout Smart A mobile grouting system comes with productivity boosting systems, including a built-in Dosac control system and Logac system data recorder, and a unique dual-pump.

T111 micropile system

The MAI SDA T111 self-drilling micropile system provides a costefficient method of stabilising structures in sensitive areas. It consists of an 11.1cmdiameter, hollow threaded rod with a sacrificial drill bit. Fulllength rod thread and extension couplings allow for adjustment to suit site requirements.
T111 micropiles can be installed using most top-hammer rigs, including Atlas Copco’s Mustang.

Swellex Pm24C rockbolt

The Pm24C connectable rockbolt is the latest in Atlas Copco’s Swellex line. By connecting two, three or more Swellex segments, users can create a custom-length rockbolt.

The patented Swellex connector, with a special thread design, connects and seals the bolt while facilitating pressurised waterflow through the segments. Water is injected into the bolt, expanding it to provide immediate rock support.

Diamec U4

The Diamec U4 core-drilling rig is designed for underground and surface drilling. It can be equipped with a long- or short-feed frame and wireline equipment. The easy-to-use positioning system makes it possible to drill in any direction to depths of 300m at a diameter of 76mm. The rig is well suited for civil projects, dam construction and tunnel-boring.


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