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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Offers Customized Training’ to Talented Students from Vietnam

- Company enhances corporate image, secures talent in Vietnam by offering special training to 30 students selected by the Vietnamese education ministry
- Trainees experience unique cultural activities in tune with Hallyu, the Korean wave


Vietnamese students learn how to take photos with a digital camera during a culture lesson at a lecture hall in Chung-Ang University R&D Center in Seoul, during the ‘BEYOND Summer Camp’ hosted by Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO, Geewon Park) held a special training program,” “Beyond Summer Camp,” for a hand-picked group of
talented Vietnamese students. DHI invited them to Chung-Ang University in Seoul for three weeks of intense study beginning on July 22.

The program is designed to expose promising young talent from Southeast Asian countries to Korean culture and to enhance Doosan’s image in Vietnam.

The students attended lectures on fashion and photography and went to computer classes focusing on content creation.
They also were taught the basic characteristics, skills and knowledge required to be a global leader in today’s world. There were classes on leadership and vision-setting taught by distinguished professors from Chung-Ang University.

By surveying the students prior to arrival the program was “customized” for the students to reflected their specific interests and what they hoped to experience in Korea.

Some of the special requests were to attend a K-pop concert, experience a jjimjilbang public sauna and go clubbing at Hongik University. They also requested a visit to Nami Island, a water park, and to take in a professional baseball game. These activities and taking Korean language and history lessons will all serve to familiarize the students with Korea and its culture.

Mai Pueong, 17, who attended “SBS Ingi-gayo (K-pop),” a TV concert open to the public, on July 29, said, “I was excited about getting a firsthand look at my Korean singing idols performing their songs onstage,” adding, “I also have high expectations about a visit to Hongdae Club and a jjimjilbang, which I’ve only heard about.”

By including activities that interest the trainees’ Doosan believes the training program is unique and has increased the student’s overall attentiveness and boosts its educational effect.

Myung Woo Kim, head of the Management Division at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction said, “Since the training alternates between activities that are requested by the trainees with ones which might otherwise be regarded as of less interest, the overall effect of the program increases exponentially,” adding, “going forward, we will continue to develop programs like this, and we plan to constantly offer post-training management programs that will support and cultivate the next generation of global leaders.”

After completing the three-week course the 30 students returned to Vietnam on August 11 with a much enhanced view and understanding of Korea and Doosan.

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s Vietnamese affiliate, Doosan Vina, is in the Dung Quat Economic Zone of Central Vietnam. Today about 2,500 local staff are working at the plant, which produces power plant components and heavy industrial infrastructure products for clients worldwide. Since its grand opening in May 2009, Doosan and Doosan Vina have implemented training programs that are based on the management philosophy that says, “People Are the Future.”

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