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Innovative new unit keeps drilling sites

Water Well Drillers  WB&ad Morgan have devised an innovative and efficient solution to the problem of dealing with the ‘arisings’—rock and drilling fluid waste that arise when drilling boreholes.
Until now, uncontained arisings at the very least created a wasteful mess, and coping
with them has involved excavating a special lagoon, or catching the output in skips—both
of which create waste disposal problems. Problem solved: Built to their own specification in one single, integrated unit, the innovative MC80 Mud Trailer system keeps drilling sites tidy.
This new self-contained mobile mud cleaner unit efficiently separates drill cuttings from the
drilling fl uids, which are recycled for further use. Waste is disposed-of directly into a skip.
Mobile, Mechanical particle recovery
Fully mobile, mounted on a 14-metre long trailer, the mud trailer arrives on site ready for
work immediately. Larger particles such as gravels and coarse sands are removed first using a high performance, linear motion double motor shaker. Arisings pass through vibrating coarse screens before descending to fi ne screens, and are finally ejected into a skip for easy disposal. Partially cleaned fluids then pass through a series of hydrocyclones to help recover even more waste. Then they pass into a holdingand-settlement tank, with internal weirs and baffl es which progressively slow the flow, leaving any remaining fine residual material to settle. After this, the fluids are pumped back to the drilling rig to do more work.
An onboard super-silenced generator supplies power for the shaker motors and
pumps. A high pressure jetting system is coupled to a 1500psi pump, which is also used

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for service purposes including mixing polymer or bentonite muds. Operative health and safety has been a key consideration throughout the design.


Technology benefits customers
Says WB&AD Morgan’s Brian Morgan: ‘The technology is working extremely well, bringing
significant benefits to our customers: Disposal costs for both drilling waste and fluids are minimised.
‘Best of all, now we are able set up rapidly, and depart without fuss, leaving a clean site.’
And if you revel in technical information, you’ll find the full story on the website at

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