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GRP / FRP Mandrels (Moulds) for GRP Pipe

Fibtec, India is the unit of M/s. Tiaano – an ISO 9000-2000 company, design manufacturing, testing & supply of GRP Mandrels or dies (moulds) in the brand name of Tiaano, for Fiberglass filament wound [GRP] pipe manufacturers.  Our Composite mandrels will have extended end shanks and center-less grinded with taper of 3 mm to 10 mm. We have the capacity to make 60 to 70 numbers of mandrels PA, diameter range from DN-300 mm to DN- 1600 mm with the maximum length of 12.5 Meters. 

GRP Mandrel is manufactured with appropriate thickness; by using Composite materials.  The surface of the mandrels built layer by layer by using CSM, WRM and filament wired with direct roving as a polyester resin composite. After curing, the FRP Layer will be machined with suitable taper and ground to polished finish for easy extraction purpose. Our mandrels are to be used for making   Fiberglass filament wound [GRP] pipes, as per the following BIS 14402 : 1996 standard and specification. We can also make mandrels as per customer requirement.  We also can produce Φ45 mm - Φ300 mm steel moulds with 12.5 meters length, capable of manufacturing FRP pipes confirming to IS 14402 / IS 12709 standards.  We also can produce coupler mandrels with 3 meter, 6 meter length and outer diameter as per customer requirement (Φ1.6 m) without taper (straight mandrels). 

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