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Case Study: Productive Drilling Saves Three Days of Rig Time

Chevron joint venture drills 121.4-in section of well offshore Nigeria with PowerDrive RSS in 72 h less time than offset wells

Drill 121.4-in section of Kaka field exploration well offshore Nigeria in less time while improving hole cleaning and log quality.

Productive drilling with fully rotating PowerDrive 900 rotary steerable system (RSS).

Saved three days of rig time. Increased ROP 87%. Improved hole cleaning and LWD resolution. Achieved excellent wellbore quality.

Increase ROP and hole quality
Chevron Nigeria Limited operates the Awodi and Kaka fields offshore Nigeria in a joint venture with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Awodi and Kaka are treated as offset fields for exploration drilling operations because of their proximity to each other. The average time for drilling the 121.4-in sections of wells in the Awodi and Kaka fields with conventional BHAs and mud motors was 155 h.

The 121.4-in sections of four exploration wells.Awodi 2, 3, and 4 and Kaka 1.were drilled below the base of a freshwater sand using conventional BHAs and mud motors, at an average ROP of 47 ft/h. Chevron Nigeria wanted to improve this, as well as hole cleaning and log quality, in the 121.4-in section of the next exploration well.Kaka 2.

Reach TD in less time with productive drilling
Productive drilling using a BHA with a 9-in PowerDrive RSS enabled Chevron Nigeria to achieve all those objectives. The PowerDrive 900, with its unique fully rotating technology, drilled the 7,311-ft-long 121.4-in section at an average ROP of 88 ft/h.87% higher than the 47-ft/h average ROP in the previous wells.
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As a result, section TD was reached in just 83 h.much less time than in any of the previous exploration wells drilled with conventional BHAs and mud motors. The average time for drilling the 121.4-in sections of those wells was 155 h.

Save days of rig time
By drilling the 121.4-in section of Kaka 2 in 83 h, the PowerDrive 900 RSS saved Chevron Nigeria 72 h.3 days.of rig time, compared to the 155-h average for the Kaka and Awodi fields. The average ROP for drilling the 121.4-in sections of 4 offset wells with conventional BHAs and mud motors was 47 ft/h. Use of the PowerDrive 900 RSS to drill the 121.4-in section of just 1 well raised the average ROP for the 5 wells to 68 ft/h.a 45% improvement.


In addition to reaching section TD in less time, productive drilling with the PowerDrive 900 RSS improved hole cleaning and LWD resolution—and provided excellent wellbore quality. The PowerDrive 900 RSS was able to achieve these results because of the unique PowerDrive characteristic—every external part rotates. This rotation reduces the chance of differential or mechanical sticking and ensures high ROP and good cuttings flow.

Executive Engineer
Central Ground Water Board, Div. IV, Chennai



Thirppur, Dharmapuri, Salem, Namakkal and Dindigul Districts are having Banian Textile Industries in which chrome is used for dyes that can be eliminated
by Reverse Osmosis system. But lot of small scale industries did not adopt Reverse Osmosis system due to which the chemical pollution occurred in surface
water can be eliminited. The contaminated surface water can be eliminited in bore wells also, as such long casing is required in order to avoid chemical
polloution. If required cement celling can be done in annular area( between bore well and  casing pipe).

Now-a-days water is precious material than other minerals. If quantity of water is available, quality is
not there due to chemical and sewerage polloution.
If quantity and quality are not available, the mankind will not live in the world. As predicted by the Scientists, the next World War will be due to water
crisis. From this point of view, water will be more precious material in the world. As such, we have to pay attention on water quantity and water quality.
In this situation, large amount of water required in order to save human lives and enrichment and enhancement of ground water resources are very essential
in crucial situation. First the available ground water resources should be treated as pure drinking water after proper treatment analysis. Most of the surface
water is being contaminated due to chemical pollution and sewerge pollution that can be avoided in hard rock terrain by cement celling and long casing.

Case Study
Deployment of Rig  -  DTH/RECP-85-95
Year of event      -  1996-97
Area of deployment -  Quilanly, Calicut District, Kerala.
Estimated depth    -  200meters.
Overburden         -  27 meters(in Alluvium)
Long casing        -  30 meters(in Hard rock terrain)
Operational & Administration controlled by  -  The Ececutive Engineer, Central Ground Water Board,  Division XIV, Bangalore.
Discharge of well published in Mathru Bhoomi Daily(Kerala local paper)

As per geophysical sounding test, the hard rock terrain encountered at 25meters but in order to avoid salinity and chemical pollution in back water 3 metres
extra casing was done.  As soon as casing pipe lowered up to 30metres by pressing of hydraulic system, the cement ceilling has been done in annular area in
order to avoid leakage from surface water and allowed 48 hrs. for setting cement. After setting cement, the normal drilling commenced  and continued  upto 200
meters. After completion of estimated depth, developed the bore well by air until water cleared from dust and the water found potable for drinking water after
cemical analysis. Now  the well is discharging 14 Ips. Thus, one recorded well have been successfully contructed in back water and chemical polluted area.


1.  Large quantity of water is required due to population increase in the world. At the same time quality of water is important for drinking.  If quantity of
water less, we can use drip irrigation system in which the water consumption is less whereas the sprinkler system water consumption is more. In ERON(Europa) once
upon a time water crisis was there, but now-a-days they are adopting "drip irrigation system" by which the green revolutions are coming up due to which the
climate has been changing and rain forests are coming up. So the climate changing is in our hand. If deforestation is taken place, the rain will not come. If
we plant more trees, the rain will come. If Amazon forest is not available in the world, the world will be completely desert. Thus 1/3rd of the Amazon forest
is important function in climate changing. As climate change gathers pace, this trend is likely to increase well beyond 2015, rich countries must commit now to
cut "green house gas emissions in order to keep global warming as far below 2 dgress C as possible and to provide at least $50 billion a year in finance to help
poor  countries adapt climate change.
2.  The contaminated surface water can be climate by long casing and cement celling in bore wells.
3.  In this process, the surface will be completely arrested in order to avoid pollution in surface water so that ground water can be purified for potable
drinking water and agriculture purpose.

Executive Engineer
Govt. of India, Chennai-600090.

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