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Atlas Copco introduces COP Care, your insurance to drill more meters per day

ATLAS Copco is launching COP Care, a full-service agreement for hydraulic rock drills.

ATLAS Copco is launching COP Care, a full-service agreement for hydraulic rock drills.
Cop Care will serve all Atlas Copco COP rock drills, the agreement comprises five key components including scheduled service, optimised rig performance, overhaul protocols, extended warranty and remote monitoring.
Atlas Copco says that the service will ensure that the customer always has a rock drill ready for operation, COP Care incorporates both scheduled maintenance and a replacement rock drill, which enables the contractor’s drilling operations to continue during service. Rig parameters are also checked and optimised, to ensure best operation.
Additionally, since Atlas Copco takes full responsibility for the scheduled maintenance, the contractor can focus on what he does best.
The COP Care agreement means less administration and less worry, with a fixed service cost related to actual rig use. The extended warranty is a further security for the contractor. And, ultimately, the overhaul protocols comprise a documented service record that improves the rock drill’s re-sale value.
Furthermore, remote satellite supervision transmits rig- and rock drill performance data to a web server available for the contractor and Atlas Copco on a daily basis, so that service can be scheduled when it is optimal for the contractor.
In 2008 the company performed pilot tests of COP Care with several Swedish customers. Jan Forsell, Service Development Manager at Atlas Copco CMT, Sweden: says that producers really appreciate the continuity that COP Care provides. Proactive service practically eliminates the risk of unscheduled stops. The contractors benefit two-fold: by making the most of their planned production time, and by the reputation for reliability they build with their own customers.


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