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The New Boart Longyear LX11 Multipurpose Rig Delivers Cost Savings

Boart Longyear ( • ASX: BLY), the world’s leading integrated exploration drilling products and services provider, is introducing the LX™11 as an economical multipurpose drilling rig for the mineral exploration market. The new LX11 multipurpose drilling rig features improved safety mechanisms, track mounting, a smaller footprint, and an overall lower cost of ownership. 

The medium-size LX11 is an addition to the existing line of Boart Longyear multipurpose drilling rigs, the LX6 and the LX16. With capabilities to perform reverse circulation (RC) and diamond core drilling, the LX11 allows exploration drillers to use one drill rig when encountering various ground conditions. This lowers initial capital investment and limits the costly downtime required to switch rigs to match drilling conditions.
“The multipurpose LX11 drilling rig is the culmination of many years of hands-on experience, advanced engineering and field testing,” said Justin Warren, Boart Longyear global product manager. “The versatility of the LX11 allows drilling contractors the ability to supplement the roles of multiple rigs with the simplicity of one, saving on equipment costs.” 

The LX11 can reach depths of 1,450 meters (4750 ft) using NQ rods via diamond drilling and depths of 325 meters (1065 ft) using 114-millimeter (4.5-in) rods via RC drilling. A 7.2-meter (23.6-ft) mast and a top drive head allow 6-meter (13-ft) rods to be pulled under the head for increased productivity.

A top drive single rotary drill head features 1,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.8 kNm (5,800 ft-lbf) at 100 rpm.Several safety features are incorporated into the LX11, beginning with a strategically placed control panel for ideal visibility, a remote control for driving the rig at a safe distance and an interlocked safety cage to protect drillers from the rotating drill string. Lastly, the LX11 can be equipped with a rod handler for safe and efficient handling of both RC and diamond coring rods.

The small footprint of the LX11 allows for easier site access and maneuverability. It is also designed to fit into a 12-meter-high (40-ft-high) cube container, making it more economical to ship to remote locations.

Track mounting increases the mobility of the LX11 with the ability to handle steeper grades and lowers environmental impact. To learn more about the LX11, visit

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