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 Quality means different things to different people. In the energy sector, the American Petroleum Institute (API) provides the most rigorous of quality standards for firms like Schramm that manufacture equipment used in oil & gas drilling, where safety is paramount in field conditions that present unique challenges to operators and crews.

Over the past 112 years, quality has always been a given at Schramm, but as we expand into new energy markets around the world with Telemast drill rigs in the 500,000 lb. hook load class, our new customers need the ultimate in quality assurance, independently verified and recognized by the ultimate global authority, API. To fulfill this critical expectation, over the past two years, Schramm has fully engaged with API to document our quality system across all aspects that impact our design engineering, manufacturing and order fulfillment processes. An in depth API audit took place at our West Chester, Pennsylvania facilities at the end of 2012 with very favorable results.

As 2013 begins, we are now authorized by API to announce that Schramm is certified API-Q1, ISO-9001:2008, ISO/TS 29001, API-4F, API-8C and API-7K for the design and manufacture of drilling and well-servicing structures and equipment. More than ever, Schramm is well equipped to honor our corporate quality traditions as we raise the bar higher with every opportunity.

The first three specifications (API-Q1, ISO-9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001) certify that Schramm complies with internationally recognized quality management system requirements. This helps us ensure that our design, manufacturing and order fulfillment processes consistently satisfy our customers across all markets served; including energy, mineral exploration, geothermal and water well drilling.

While the first three specifications above relate to Schramm as an organization, API-4F, API-8C and API-7K relate directly to specific key equipment subsets typically found on Schramm Telemast rigs utilized in the oil & gas industry.

 API-4F covers derricks, masts, crown block assemblies and substructures. Schramm is now licensed
    to apply the API-4F monogram on Schramm Telemast rig masts and crown block assemblies.

 API-8C includes hoisting sheaves, power swivels, wire-line anchors, pressure vessels and piping
    mounted onto hoisting equipment. Schramm is now licensed to apply the API-8C monogram on
    Schramm top-heads (power swivels) used on Schramm rigs or retrofit to other brands.

  API-7K relates rotary bushings. Schramm is now licensed to apply the API-7K monogram on
     Schramm bowls and slips used on Schramm rigs or other brands.

Schramm is committed to supporting Telemast rig owners’ documentation requirements above and beyond API requirements as the regulatory requirements within the oil & gas industry continue to grow.

Schramm Telemast rig purchasers can now obtain at additional cost, detailed rig manufacturing data histories for their API monogrammed rigs. These books include a full range of material certifications and NDT test reporting for load path critical items within the API monogramed design as part of our API quality system.

This data provides additional assurance of Schramm commitment to our customers and their customers across the full life cycle of our Telemast rigs. For additional details on Schramm’s API Certification, contact Michael Horchuck, Manufacturing Engineering Manager and API Management Representative @

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