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Dando & Sonic Drill Launch the New SDC375


Dando Drilling has been working in collaboration with major Canadian company, Sonic Drill Corporation, to bring a brand new light, compact sonic drilling rig to the market. Sonic Drill, established for over 35 years, is market leader for the sonic drilling rig industry and is the lead innovator in sonic drilling technology, holding key patents for this type of drilling technique.

The new Sonic SDC375 machine, now available for purchase through Dando, will feature the famous Sonic drill head which is unrivalled by other competitors for its performance and reliability. The SDC375, like all Dando rigs, is designed to be robust and reliable and also boasts a small footprint allowing it to operate in tight spaces as well as fit inside a standard sized container for easy transportation.

This is Dando’s first step into the sonic drilling market and can’t think of a better company to enter it with, than Sonic Drill. Sonic drilling boasts many advantages over conventional drilling including being faster, requiring less drilling fluid, continuous high quality coring and greatly reduced hole deviation.

In addition to sharing technology, Sonic Drill Corporation will also be Dando’s agent for North America.
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