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Sandvik unveils 3D navigation

Sandvik has launched a new 3D navigation system for surface drilling, the TIM3D, to aid operators.

The system uses satellite navigation to improve the accuracy of feed alignment and drilling in accordance with the overall plan.

TIM3D is available for Sandvik DPi and DX series surface top-hammer drill rigs. The company claimed it significantly improves drilling accuracy and efficiency in quarrying, building and open-pit mining applications.

When used for blasthole drilling, TIM3D improves hole quality and position accuracy, resulting in better fragmentation and fewer boulders and fines. The system removes the need for surveying and hole marks, thus minimising the risk of error and speeding drilling.

Based on multi-satellite RTK GNSS navigation, TIM3D is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. The system can create drill plans or use those made by standard computer programs.

The plan is imported to a rig with a USB memory in IREDES standard format, containing the target co-ordinates in 3D. Local base station, or VRS correction, keeps navigation accuracy within 10cm.

The system compares the position of the drill bit with the planned hole position, and guides the operator to the correct starting point for each hole. During drilling, operators can check penetration rate and hole depth, distance to target, the number of required holes and current feed alignment. Drilling stops automatically at the target depth and the status of the holes are shown with colour codes.

Sandvik has also developed a compressor management system (CMS) for blasthole drill rigs, which manages the volume of air required during drilling to ensure the compressor runs at full volume only when needed. Full productivity is still delivered, while reducing fuel costs and emissions.

From May 1, the CMS will be an optional extra on new Sandvik drill deliveries and is offered as a retro-fit kit for machines already in the field. System components will be available to customers with low-pressure Sandvik blasthole rigs in Australia from February 1, and worldwide from March 31. It is claimed that the system delivers fuel savings up to 40%.

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