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GAI stages geothermal conference

GAI stages geothermal conference  

The Geothermal Association of Ireland (GAI) will be staging its one-day ‘Geothermal energy – progress and developments in Ireland and internationally’ conference on May 10, at Newpark Hotel in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Irish, UK and French speakers will present on a range of themes, using practical case studies to highlight technical and economic factors in developing both shallow and deep geothermal resources, with a particular emphasis on the commercial sphere.

The main themes will be:
• Developments in legislation and codes of practice in Ireland and the UK;
• Progress in commercial international and Irish deep geothermal projects;
• Recent large-scale, shallow geothermal projects in Ireland;
• Geothermal training and research; and
• Economic considerations for domestic installations.
A competition has also been launched to identify the 2011 Geothermal Home Heating Installation of the Year. This award is the first of its kind, and the GAI plans to make it a recurring event.

The purpose of the award is to call attention to the contribution being made by geothermal energy in Ireland and to showcase the results of the best installations. The competition is open to installations for single-family dwellings in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Entries must be received no later than April 8, and the results will be announced and awards presented at the GAI conference.

Two training courses of introductory and intermediate level, on the subject of groundsource heating and cooling, are also being facilitated by the GAI, and will be taught by David Banks of Holymoor Consultancy, UK.

The courses will be held at the Geological Survey of Ireland, Dublin, on March 1-2. For more information, please contact the GAI Secretariat or

Tel: +353 1 678 2784/2780


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