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Ditch Witch FX25 The Economy Size Vacuum Excavator

Ditch Witch FX25 The Economy Size Vacuum Excavator

The Ditch Witch® organization announces the release of the FX25 vacuum excavation system, designed as an economical solution for contractors needing the essential services of a vacuum excavator.
Equipped with a 500-gallon (1893 L) spoils tank, the FX25 is the direct result of customer requests for a low-cost vac system that can perform a wide range of cleanup and soft excavation tasks, including potholing, valve box and utility vault cleanout, storm drain cleaning, exposing buried utility lines, HDD site cleanup, water leak repair, commercial and residential debris cleanup and landscaping, and posthole digging.

The basic FX25 utilizes several components common with the FX30 for comparable performance but with the added benefit of the simplicity of a gasoline engine. And, like other members of the Ditch Witch vacuum excavation product family, it can be configured and customized with numerous options, including an 80- or 200-gallon (303 or 757 L) water system with 3,000-psi (207 bar) water pressure.

The economical benefits of the FX25 extend to both its purchase price and general maintenance. The FX25 is powered by a top-of-the-line, 31-hp (23.1 kW) Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gas engine with a deserved reputation for reliability and easy maintenance. The FX25’s large-capacity, single-element, 3-micron, washable vacuum filter is easy to maintain, extending the life of the blower when properly serviced. All of the FX25’s functions are run by a single, open-access power pack, adding to the serviceability and simplicity of the unit. And the trailer-mounted FX25 is an exceptionally sturdy, well-built product designed to stand up to the rigors of the jobsite and last longer than comparably priced vac systems.

Other features of the FX25 include a full-opening rear door with single-point latch that provides easy spoils removal, and a hydraulically controlled, dual-cylinder tank dumping system designed to provide stability when dumping.
For more information about the new FX25 vacuum excavation system, please call 800-654-6481 or visit

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