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W80 Water Hammer Technical Data

W80 Water Hammer Technical Data

W80 Water Hammer

The Wassara Hammer is the heart of the Wassara Drilling System. Patented Worldwide, the water-powered Wassara Hammer assures rapid, efficient and environmentally friendly drilling. In standard version the Hammer is delivered with a stabilized piston case. The result is maximum hole straightness and superior precision. All components in the Wassara Hammer are available as spare parts and can be replaced easily. In comparison with traditional pneumatic technology, the Wassara Hammer demonstrates exceptional energy savings. Powered by clean water, the Wassara Hammer uses less energy and strikes at roughly double the frequency rate of a conventional DTH pneumatic hammer giving excellent penetration rate.
• Drills long straight holes
• High efficiency
• Low energy consumption

W80 Water Hammers

Technical Specifications for Wassara W80 Water Hammer
Dimension A 977 mm
Dimension B 1049 mm
Dimension C Ø 85, 90, 92 mm
Hammer weight (excluding bit) 32 kg
Hole size 95 mm
Operating pressure, maximum 180 bar
Water consumption at maximum pressure 130–200 lit/min (New to worn)
Power output from hammer 14 kW
Energy per blow 210 Joule
Frequency at maximum operating pressure 65 Hz (3900 blows/min)
Feed force, formation dependant 7000–10000 N
Rotation speed, formation dependant 60–100 rpm
Rotation torque, formation dependant 800–1500 Nm
Drill Pipe (“O” ring system/pressure tested) Diameter 76 mm, Thread API 2-3/8" Reg
Water Pump WASP 80

Bit Shank Wassara 3.5 (Refer to catalogue for bit offering)

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