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Capital Markets Day 3 September 2009

Focus on managing the downturn
"Managing the downturn" was the theme for Sandvik's Capital Markets Day on 3 September 2009 in Sandviken. It attracted great interest among analysts, investors and journalists. More than 100 persons representing the international financial community and the Swedish media were gathered.

The Group's executive management together with business area representatives were at hand to present measures taken to meet the unprecedented decline in demand, e.g. plants closed, personnel reductions, other cost reductions and reduced capex. But focus was also put on the opportunities of the downturn.

Focus on managing the downturn

Sandvik's Capital Markets Day drew a lot of attention this year. CEO Lars Pettersson's views on what could be the positive outcome of the global downturn had many interested listeners.

Group Communications

Many guests were transferred by bus from Stockholm airport. Here Anabel Hewson of Evolutions Securities is welcomed by Anders Wallin, Group Communications.

The conference service took care of questions

The conference service took care of questions. Nico Dil of JP Morgan turned to Eva Aakre of Sandvik Investor Relations.

Sandvik Group management

Many took the opportunity to put questions to the Sandvik Group management, like Natalia Mamaeva of Citigroup did.

new President of Kanthal

Between presentations there were plenty of time to meet informally. Over lunch wraps this group talked to Jonas Gustavsson (right), new President of Kanthal.

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