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Improved cab for Bucyrus 49HR drill

49HR drill

Bucyrus has introduced an enhanced, state-of-the-art operator’s cab for its 49HR line of rotary blasthole drills, to improve efficiency and awareness via operator comfort.

Both physical and cognitive ergonomic improvements were made based on the theory that a drill operator’s comfort level is directly correlated to their productivity. Bucyrus reconfigured the drills’ control system and incorporated a six-way adjustable seat with mechanical swing suspension. All primary controls are now included on the in-seat control panels, while secondary controls, such as air conditioning, lights, and boarding stairs are on a secondary control panel within reach of the seated operator.

Visual comfort was also considered. The operator’s on-board monitor has been programmed for enhanced visibility in all conditions, including direct sunlight and night. The screens are positioned to facilitate easy viewing without associated head and neck movement by drill operators.

Bucyrus addressed cognitive ergonomic requirements with improved programming, making the controls and display screens more intuitive and robust. Active Logic Screens are installed for all major drill functions which allow operators to view and follow permissives, facilitating proper drill functioning. In addition, the pre-set programs for auto-drilling have been increased from five programs to twenty, covering more operating parameters than its predecessor.

The 49HR’s self-diagnostic program has been programmed to not only alert operators that a fault has occurred, but also identify the source of the fault, helping maintenance personnel to quickly repair the area in question. Less drill downtime and mitigated safety risk equates to greater productivity and safety.

The new operator’s cab is now FOPS (Falling Object Protection Systems) compliant, and the cab design gives operators a better line of sight, improving safety during propulsion and drilling operations. Extra cameras can also be added to provide a 360 degree field of visibility.
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