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Tiruchengode Rig Owners Association Meeting (TRUS)


TRUS meeting was held in Tiruchengode on 11th August 2013.More than 2000 Rig owners attended the meeting.Besides the meeting there was also an exhibition about the Rigs and Rig Spares. Gates being long time associated with this segment were present through its authorised distributors India Hydraulics and JB hydraulics. Their booth had GATES Hoses and Fittings and new & improved Rig hose launched earlier in the year.


More than 2000 Rig Owners visited Gates stalls and got updated with the latest happenings in fluid connections. With continuous interaction with the Rig owners Gates understand the needs of Rig owners and keep developing improved version of its hoses and couplings. Earlier feedbacks gathered resulted in launch of modified hose with improved technologies for changing Rig market which is moving to higher compressor capacities. New Rig Hose has enhanced working life with Tube & Cover compounds designed to handle tougher conditions of air/oil mixture at higher temperatures internally and abrasive external environment. An additional color strip has been provided for identification on hose.


The field trial were taken for more than 9 months and hose is sustaining the life it has been designed for. With no complaints during the trials, this hose coming in two sizes 1 1 /2 inch(24 Rig Hose) and 2 inches(32 Rig Hose) is set to garner market share.

The next product is MEGASYS Hose which is for constant pressure applications The fully integrated MegaSys hose line is designed to provide maximum flexibility and performance in a wide range of high-pressure hydraulic applications while simplifying hose selection and assembly fabrication.

MegaSys products and features save time, space and money. Color-coded lay lines and constant pressure ratings through all sizes make hose identification and selection easier and faster while reducing inventory requirements. Couplings provide leak - free performance. A bend radius up to one-third the SAE specification enables use of shorter hose lengths and savings of up to 64 percent. It all adds up to more value for your money.

The Megasys consists of constant pressure spiral wire and wire braided hoses that can be bent upto one-third of SAE specification. Combined with innovative Megacrimp couplings specially designed to crimp on these hoses, the list of the assembly goes upto 600,000 impulse at 1/3 rd the bending radius, a bench mark for the industry.

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