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Sandvik launches latest in RH460 DTH hammer series


Sandvik has launched a 4-inch hammer in its proven RH460 DTH series, designed to reduce drilling costs, increase penetration rates and prolong service life.

The growing RH460 family optimizes the impact-energy transmission in variable ground conditions. Enhanced air cycle improves expansion and compression rates, producing more power while reducing air and fuel consumption.

Piston and hammer life are dramatically increased in the RH460 series, thanks to developments in the piston design and improved lubrication capabilities.

RH460 hammers also feature a unique V-lock mount system designed to prevent movement of the internal components, ensuring reliability and eliminating the need for shims and special assembly tools.

The working principle of the RH460 range ensures that the hammers start up in any direction, making their design well-suited for all surface and underground mining applications.

The design of the RH460 series makes the hammers easy to service. The high-performance, cost-effective range is now available in 4- and 5-inch models and will soon feature 6- and 8-inch versions. All versions are designed to utilize bits with generic shank types.

For further information contact: 
Johan Bergquist
Product Manager DTH Tools
Sandvik Mining
E-mail: johan.bergquist@sandvik

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