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Water still a problem in Alappuzha

Express News Service
First Published : 01 Nov 2009 01:08:00 AM IST

ALAPPUZHA: Alappuzha, the land of backwaters and cruises, is reeling under acute water shortage with people running helter-skelter for drinking water. Various wards of Alappuzha Municipality like Mullackal, Pallathuruthy, Thirumala and Nehru Trophy, face drinking water scarcity for years despite several 'promised' drinking water projects.
Apart from water shortage, the high level of pollution is another factor that torments people. But, nevertheless, many find their own solution to water woes.
When Express met Rameeza, an anganwadi teacher of Pallathuruthy ward on Saturday, she was collecting water from a nearby canal. Rameeza says she and some of her neighbours were using the waste-ridden canal water for cooking for many months.
Rameeza said that they had to wait up to 3 a.m. daily to get water from the pipelines of Kerala Water Authority (KWA). And most often, the wait is not rewarded. "Yesterday night, even after a long wait I did not get a single drop of water from the pipe. So, I had no option other than to depend on the canal water for cooking and other purposes," she said.
No better is the condition of KWA water pipes. When the Central Medical Team visited Alappuzha after the outbreak of cholera some months ago, they had found out that the pipelines here were in pathetic conditions and a major cause for cholera.
Though many months passed since their visit, the pipelines are lying as it was.
Majority of the people here solely depend on the treated water supplied by the KWA pipelines for their daily chores. And the occasional disruption caused in water supply due to technical snag or other reasons give people a hard time.
Though Alappuzha Municipality has launched a drinking water project to set right the water scarcity problems in the municipality, no development in this regard has taken place since its inauguration.
Whatever may be, candidates here have once again raised promises to solve the persistent drinking water problem. "We have been hearing such promises for years during every election.
But there has been no change in situation so far", Rameeza added.

Water woes: Too much of a good thing
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