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Global warming: Can we ignore?

The achievements made by mankind during the last couple of decades are just incredible. The developments, innovations, inventions, have made


man's life so easier that most of his comfort comes with a switch of a button in this ultra modern world. But while achieving all this man has totally ignored the most important aspect that is, nature, due to which most of these comforts are possible.

Man made inventions, developed these ideas, put them into manufacturing and made available to the masses. But in this process he totally ignored the damage he is causing to the environment. For example, the fastest means of communication was a wonder to mankind but its bad effect was, it polluted the environment immensely. For common things in life like a refrigerator or an AC is an invention for the convenience of mankind but again is harmful to the environment because they emit greenhouse gases and pollute the environment which in turn leads to global warming.

Global warming in turn is a very big term. Global warming is largely considered one of the most hazardous and serious complications associated with air pollution caused by industries and other stationary sources of air pollution which in turn causes harm to ozone layer.

Global warming has various serious implications both on the ecological balance as well as human health. It often results in the melting of glaciers and snow capped mountains, resulting in an increase in the water levels of seas and rivers, eventually increasing the risk of floods. Apart from this, global warming also often has numerous serious health risks on humans such as increase in diseases like malaria, cholera, dengue and plague, among others. When we talk of industries, all the industries are somehow in one way or the other related to pollution.

A little what one can do to curb global warming? Travel by trains. Choose holiday destination which have their motto as environmental friendly. Hoteliers can reduce their thermostat by few degree when not needed, use of natural air to reduce the use of air conditioners, adjust water heater temperatures in seasons when they don't need too hot water, use energy efficient lighting products which does not emit greenhouse gases.

It is always said that more practical, serious and innovative solutions are needed to solve the problem of global warming. Development is sometimes the cause of Global warming. But development at any point cannot be stopped. So it is the duty of every citizen of the world to think twice before using any natural resources.

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