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PowerDrive X5 Rotary Steerable System

Fully rotating steerable systems
The PowerDrive X5 rotary steerable system is engineered from the ground up to give you unprecedented drilling performance and reliability. You can drill longer runs, optimize wellbore placement, and reduce drilling time.

Automatic inclination hold and efficient downlink functions maintain directional control while drilling ahead. These enhancements improve drilling performance by up to15% and ensure more productive time on bottom.

Full rotation reduces drag, improves ROP, decreases the risk of sticking, and achieves superior hole cleaning. This full rotation improves wellbore smoothness and decreases tortuosity, which reduces drilling torque and eliminates unplanned wiper trips.

High-temperature dependability
A robust steering section ensures reliable, consistent performance in the drilling environment. Optimized flow profiles reduce erosion of internal and external downhole components. The system's electronics can operate in downhole temperatures as high as 302°F [150°C].

Accurate drilling and wellbore placement
Improve your drilling efficiency with real-time, near-bit measurements. The effective downlink systems and automatic inclination hold give you a smooth tangent section and improve true vertical-depth accuracy. This is critical for maximizing recoverable reserves and the well's production potential.

Improve your steering decisions with a real-time, 360° gamma ray measurements of the wellbore, giving you formation dip or fault boundary data. An azimuthal gamma ray sensor, 6½ ft [2 m] from the bit, lets you identify bed boundaries quickly for a faster response to formation changes and well-placement optimization.

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D20x22FX Series


D20x22FX Series II Navigator - Coming Spring 2010
Inspired by the voice of drillers and fueled by the Vermeer passion for innovative solutions, the D20x22FX Series II Navigator is the industry's first flex-angle drill capable of entry points from 18 to 90 degrees - and everywhere in between.
Capable of completing vertical and steep-angle geothermal loop installations, the D20x22FX Series II is also a fully functioning horizontal directional drill (HDD) that can install horizontal loops, as well as conventional utilities. Some may call it multiple personalities - we call it multitasking.

-Rod loader. Controlled by a single operator, the rod loader offers push-button access to 210' (64 m) of onboard drill rod without the use of winches or hand loading.
-Footprint. Self-propelled on rubber tracks, the D20x22FX Series II treads lightly and can access confined spaces, making it ideal for backyard geothermal retrofit installations.
-Operator's station. For those familiar with Navigator HDDs, the D20x22FX Series II shares a common operator's station that can help reduce operator training time.
-Local support. Parts, service and sales are available from over 300 Vermeer dealership locations worldwide.

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