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HYDCO has been designing and building exploration drill rigs in Australia for over 20 years, producing a variety of top head drive exploration drills for the mineral exploration industry. With growing demand, Hydco have chosen India for its expansion program building a new 6,000M2 facilities based at Chhatral in Gujarat. This plant was commissioned in January 2010 and has already dispatched it first Hydco 1200H to Australia.
Hydco’s current range of drill rigs utilise tried and proven Australian design by Hydco Perth’s design team, plus world recognised components to ensure our customers secure strong drill rigs that are proven industry workhorses. According to Hydco International Chairman, Mr. Ross Hutton, “Our design philosophy and use of high quality components ensures that our equipment is up to the task.”

Part of the new Chhatral Facility in Gujarat.

Hydco specialise in “Top Head” drive drills, manufacturing a large range of these machines which are dispatched world wide.

Initially the Chhatral plant will concentrate on the production of 3 models: 

Hydco 1200N – A small compact crawler track mounted coring rig, drilling to 1,200 metres NQ yet it folds up to fit neatly into a 20 foot shipping container. Ideal for difficult terrain, it is popular in evolving markets such as India & Africa. This drill is a top head drive, unlike most of its competitors which utilise a chuck drive for drill rotation.

Hydco 1000H – A powerful Multi Purpose drill which incorporates a 9 metre rod pull with a 2 metre mast dump and a 2 speed Multi Purpose head. These drills have attained excellent results for their owners. Sold as a 1,000 metre HQ diamond drill; core holes to 1,200 metres HQ have been successfully completed. NQ geothermal holes to 2,000 metres have also been drilled in South Australia by Silver City Drilling who own two HYDCO 1000H drills.  
Hydco 1000H
HYDCO 1200H - Our most powerful coring drill, the 1200H is capable of taking core samples to depths in excess of 2,000 metres NQ.
In mid 2009, Hydco launched the HYDCO 1200H Multi Purpose Exploration Drill Rig featuring a 12 metre Mast. This new higher-capacity drill rig which delivers even more drilling power, is rated at 1,200 m HQ and the upgraded mast structure allows easy change over for RC drilling. Pullback has been increased to 21,500Kg. Increased internal space allows for “make-and-break” assemblies which retract internally when not in use. The HYDCO 1200H incorporates a two-speed floating spindle drive head with a further two speeds on the drive motor, allowing both Diamond drilling and RC (reverse circulation) applications. The HYDCO 1200H has a number of drill table options, from diamond drilling foot clamps through to open tables, suitable for running large-diameter casings. These drill table options are able to be customised to suit all Rigs.
Hydco 1200H  drills are carrying out a wide range of drilling activities from deep diamond core sampling to degassing of coal seams (CBM) proving the versatility of this large mobile drill. A number of 1200H drills are on order by Australian customers with the drill proving to be very popular with drilling contractors. These will all be built at the Chhatral facility.
All specifications for these drills are available on our web site

HYDCO 1200H Drilling
HYDCO 1200H Drilling in central Australia
CEO of Hydco International, Ian Pitcher also advised that its range of specialised RC drills will be introduced to the factory once production at the new facility is settled and these machines will be available in the Indian market place.
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