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Itís BOLD! Itís Powerful! Capable of tackling a variety of applications

Geoprobe Systems

It’s BOLD!  It’s Powerful!  Capable of tackling a variety of applications.  With the high-capacity 8040DT, Geoprobe Systems® establishes a new class of subsurface machines that are innovative, versatile, and compact and well-suited for the Geotechnical, Environmental, Mineral Exploration, and Geothermal Industries.  The machine features a five-function Combo Head for installing 2.0 in. monitoring wells with no cuttings, performing standard penetration testing, high-capacity augering, and for easy driving large diameter casing.  Large power in a compact package allows you to use different drilling techniques including direct push, air rotary, wet rotary, overburden rotary systems, and augering.  Options include a coring head, pullback/breakout, and Geoprobe® Drop Rack system for easy transport of tools and supplies.  It’s CE documented, and has 59,000 pounds of downforce and 80,000 pounds of pullback.  It’s impressive to see.  The 8040DT machine continues the Geoprobe® tradition of innovative and dependable subsurface machines.  Geoprobe Systems®. 1-800-436-7762.
Gayle Lacey
Communications Director
Geoprobe Systems®

The World Leader in Subsurface Equipment

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