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ADC - Wireline Exploration Drilling Rigs

Wireline Exploration Drilling Rigs

ADC K-series surface-exploration drilling rigs successfully operate in two drilling configurations.
Arctic Drilling Company (ADC) supplies the most effective wireline exploration drilling rigs the market can offer. Our drilling team provides unparalleled service, experience and expertise.

Custom-made surface-exploration drilling rigs

ADC K-series surface-exploration drilling rigs successfully operate in two drilling configurations. They start with a traction force of 6t and can achieve a force up to 20t or more, depending on the customer's demand.
We can provide many different configurations for our surface-exploration drilling rigs, to ensure they are custom-made to customers' individual requirements. All products are CE-certified.

Diamond-core exploration drilling rigs

ADC supplies the most high-performance diamond-core exploration drilling rigs the market can offer. Our drilling personnel are specially trained on our drilling rigs for several years and know precisely which drill bit and how many rpm are necessary to extract cores in the most efficient way. Our field of expertise is drilling methods such as underground and surface coring.

Diamond underground drilling rigs

The M-series of underground drilling rigs includes the M1, our latest and most technically advanced diamond underground drill rig.

The ADC M-1 underground drilling rig has a minimum-rated traction force of 6t, a 360° horizontally rotating drilling platform, a 180° vertically drilling radius, and an all-new wireline winch.

Benefits for our customers from our underground drilling rigs include:

  • Fast and easy to set up, because of rubber, track-mounted chassis
  • Easy to drive in any terrain (including gravel, sand or mud), making them very comfortable and fast to operate
  • Driving speed of 5km/hr, making them easy to steer
  • Outstanding in performance, reliability and efficiency, because of their configuration with high-quality components from market-leading companies
  • Many years' testing and consistent improvement in our own operational business in Lapland (on very hard rock)
  • Best drills for return on investment: far less maintenance and service compared to competitors' products

After-sales service for underground drilling rigs

The main benefits of using ADC's underground drilling rigs are that they are guaranteed to be of a high quality and to be highly reliable. Furthermore, we provide an excellent after-sales support and maintenance service.

Free seminar for drilling rig operators

ADC also offers a free seminar for drilling rig operators, which ensures that the drillers in your company learn how to operate an ADC drilling rig quickly, accurately and in the most efficient way.
It is important to educate employees in order to create more awareness for safety and efficiency in their working environment. Time is money: to deliver high-quality cores quickly, operators need to know how to operate a technically advanced drilling rig in the most efficient way. Every purchaser of ADC drilling rigs gains a three-day drilling rig seminar free of charge, no matter where they are located.

Eco-friendly exploration drilling rigs

Our vision is to manufacture the most comfortable, efficient, reliable and eco-friendly exploration drilling rigs for any climate zone on earth.

Surface and underground wireline drilling rigs

Our main target is to convince the market about the high quality and advanced technology of our surface and underground wireline drilling rigs. ADC rigs have been in operation for more than five years, and intense and consistent improvement in that time has ensured our products are of a high quality and meet safety standards necessary for CE certification.

Only the best components and tools from world-leading companies are good enough for our products and production.

Our aim is to provide our clients with the drilling rigs and accessories that we use and test on a daily basis, in our operational business for Agnico Eagle and other mining companies. We are the preferred distributor in Finland for Boart Longyear equipment.

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