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Gates Corporation Announces New EPDM Molded Notch V-Belts

Gates Corporation Announces

The belt drive system leader now manufactures all Industrial molded notch V-belts with EPDM for longer belt life at extreme temperatures, greater efficiency and smoother running performance.

Denver, CO – The Industrial Power Transmission unit of Gates Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of belt drive systems, now constructs its entire molded notch V-belt line with EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer). EPDM is a high-performance rubber compound known for ozone, heat and weather resistance.

Gates is the first manufacturer to implement EPDM technology in the design of industrial V-belts. The company’s molded notch V-belts now withstand a 70 percent broader temperature range, offering longer belt life at extreme temperatures. The belts’ bandless, molded notch construction saves up to 3 percent on energy costs for greater efficiency and the belts also tolerate misalignment better for smoother running performance.

Gates also released two educational resources – a white paper and features and benefits guide that explore V-Belt design. The white paper entitled “Analyze Your Way to Longer Lasting, Better Performing V-Belt Drives,” describes factors affecting V-belt life, details how to recognize problems in V-belt drives and poses corrective actions that plant and maintenance managers can take for improved drive performance, longer belt life and energy cost savings. The features and benefits guide, “Gates V-Belts: Engineered for Performance,” illustrates how a belt’s design can determine whether it succeeds or fails in an application.

Information about Gates EPDM molded notch V-belts and the free offers are available at

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