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Boart Longyear launches flyable rig for explorers

Boart Longyear

flyable SC11 rig

BOART Longyear Ltd has released the new flyable SC11 rig, a compact and modular rig offering 5,456Nm of torque and which can manage PQ-size rods.

The drill is a surface exploration rig targeted at the 1,300-1,500m NQ market, and can be broken down into compact flyable modules.

“The SC11 is built from Boart Longyear’s proven LM technology and designed for use in surface applications where access is limited and drill footprint is a critical consideration,” said Craig Mayman, Boart Longyear global product manager for capital equipment. “It’s extremely flexible, conveniently assembling and disassembling in flyable, compact modules, while delivering best-in-class power at a cost-competitive value. And, in colder regions, its compact size enables operation inside a drill shack.”

The SC11 delivers large-diameter and deep-hole drilling capacity with a 132kN pullback rating and PQ handling capacity. The rig features a variable-speed motor that provides a low-end torque output of 5,456Nm at the head for tri-cone drilling and a 1,230rpm speed for diamond drilling.

Hydraulic actuators control the rig’s rod handler which also feature proximity sensors to protect the operator by preventing rod drops when operators are nearby. A laser beam system positioned between the helper and rod handler control panel stops movement when drillers enter the operating area. Once the beam is interrupted, the rod handler stops immediately and can only be restarted when the driller resets it. In addition, the rig utilises the patented Boart Longyear Nitro Chuck with gas-charged springs that actuate the jaws holding the rods to provide fail-safe operation. The control panel also utilises lift-to-shift rotation and feed levers to deliver constant speed and protect the operator against accidental actuation.

The SC11 has been designed to break down into flyable modules; the heaviest lift is 680kg. Lifting points are easy to identify and are positioned at the module’s centre of gravity to provide a balanced load, while quick-connect hydraulic couplings further accelerate assembly and disassembly and prevent oil spills. All modules utilise easy-to-see guides to help operators quickly align and assemble the rig, speeding up the landing process.

Pressed-steel framing with male-female joints help the modules drop into position and highly visible jacking and lifting points make assembly and disassembly safe and easy, according to the manufacturer.

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