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Bauer opened training site for drilling rigs and operators


“More safety on construction sites, more service for customers” – with this claim in mind the BAUER Group opened its 6.000 m² training site for drilling rigs and their operators. The training site of BAUER Training Center GmbH is not far from Group headquarters in Schrobenhausen in Upper Bavaria. This is where BAUER Group machine operators and instructors have been trained since mid-April. Large numbers of trade fair visitors were already able to view live, close-up demonstrations of Bauer drilling rigs in action at Bauma and to find out about the “Operator Training – BG” programme, which was specially developed for machine operators and instructors. Training programmes for customers and partners will follow in the summer.
This facility, which is unique in the area of specialist foundation engineering, will therefore be made accessible to the entire industry. “With our leading role in specialist foundation engineer-ing, we want to – and of course must – set new standards in the area of machine operator training,” explained Prof. Thomas Bauer, Chairman of the Management Board of BAUER AG. “This will not only benefit our partners in the construction industry and our machinery custom-ers, but ultimately also the entire industry.”


The object of the eight- to ten-day training programme “Operator Training – BG” is to enhance safety on construction sites. By improving safety awareness and encouraging safe driving, the training will also help to cut equipment repair costs and reduce downtimes.

The Bauer machine operator training programme is divided into a theoretical part lasting five days and a practical part, whose length varies according to the participants’ experience. De-pending on their knowledge and experience, the practical training generally lasts one week, or three days for machine operators with more than ten years of experience. For the launch of this programme the BAUER Training Center is offering a special welcome present: customers who buy a drilling rig or pile driver will also receive a voucher for the theoretical part – meaning that they can ensure that their machine operators use the new machinery optimally right from the start.


After all, the Bauer training site for machinery customers also has the following advantage: in future, it will be possible to carry out comprehensive machinery inductions on the site. This means that there will be no costly periods of inactivity on the construction sites. The machine operator is already completely familiar with his new Bauer drilling rig and can start work without delay. “All in all, productivity can be increased without creating more time pressure on the construction sites,” said Dr. Christian Jäkel from the BAUER Training Center, summarizing the customer benefits.

 The medium-term goal of the BAUER Group is to make possible the first standardized ma-chine operator’s licence for drilling rigs and pile drivers. It is something which does not yet exist, but which the BAUER Group is working intensively on. The training site is currently un-dergoing certification as an accredited test centre.

Operator Training – BG:

  • Equipment
  • Safety
  • Equipment operation
  • Equipment technology / engineering
  • Equipment documentation
  • Drilling methods
  • Tools
  • Soil mechanics

Practical Training:

  • The loading and unloading area enables the loading and unloading of a machine onto and off a low-loader to be practiced. The critical aspect in this is the tipping point – that is, the moment when the rig tips from the ramp onto the load space. Operators are taught to develop a feel for precisely that moment.

  • The rigging and de-rigging station teaches operators how to safely assemble and disassemble a rotary drilling rig.

  • Driving up and down a slope:15° and 10° slopes are practised on ramps.

  • The drilling station enables operators to carry out realistic drilling operations.

  • Rig tipping test area:The tilt test teaches operators how it feels when the stability of a BG rig is compromised and it topples over. For this, the rig is placed sideways on a ramp tilted at an angle of 6°. In the tip test operators simulate lifting operations, picking up a weight (here 14 tonnes) and slewing the uppercarriage transverse to the direction of travel until the rig topples over. On the training circuit the BG is secured by chains. If the same happened on-site, the rig would be reduced to scrap value and – much more importantly – the lives of all site staff would be placed in acute danger.

Bettina Erhart / Christopher Wolf
Investor Relations
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